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Wiggles Party

Wiggles Party -3yr- Yummy Yummy Music




Laurie in Morganville, NJ USA


April 2005


Special Mention

My son is a Wiggles fanatic so we knew his would be the theme for his 3rd birthday.  It was a lot of fun so I hope this gives other people some ideas.

We were planning to make the invitations in the shape of musical notes (red, blue, yellow & purple -- wiggle colors, of course) Just a note to ask you to celebrate Adam’s but a local dollar store that had Wiggles paper goods so we bought them there along with plates, napkins, tablecloths, etc. 

We were having the party in my basement so we needed to decorate appropriately.  First, we covered the walls with plastic tablecloths in the 4 colors.  On one wall, we taped a jungle tablecloth.  Then I wrote the words wiggly party wiggly safari and yummy yummy on construction paper (which my 5 yr old cut out he wanted to help) and taped to different walls -- yummy on the wall over the buffet table, safari on the jungle wall and party on the longest wall.  I drew 4 pictures on oak tag and hung them up Wags the dog (w/o a tail), Dorothy the dinosaur (holding a rose), Henry the Octopus (waving his arms) and the big red car. 

From Oriental Trading, I bought blow up jungle animals & cardboard trees (for the safari), an Octopus ring toss (for under Henry’s picture) and a bean bag toss that I covered the picture to look like a rose garden and the baen bags would be seeds (for under Dorothy’s picture).  I already had a red cozy coupe, but a friend loaned me The Big Red Car.  I bought the birthday boy a Captain Feathersword costume for the party since I knew he’d wear in for Halloween and he asked his Grandpa Murray to wear a red shirt and black pants (which led to everyone coming in a wiggles color).  We also cut out balloons from construction paper (wiggle colors), attached silver ribbon and hung them all over.  Finally, I transformed a storage bin with cover into a treasure chest using brown and yellow tape for trim in which I put goody bags and helium balloons which I hid under the buffet table (an idea I got from this web site).

As kids arrived, they did a craft from OT making a picture frame that said it’s a jungle out there.  I also had pictures from wiggle coloring books to color.  Wiggle DVDs were playing, too, if they just wanted to dance.  We divided the kids into 4 groups for a round robin pin the tail on Wags, toss Henry a friendship ring, plant roses with Dorothy and the big red car safari ride (We took pictures of each kid in the car).  I think Each kid is a winner for trying so everyone got a prize for each activity (from OT) Wags gave a bag of candy bones, Henry gave friendship rings, rose chocolate lollipops (mold & candy melts from Micheals Art store) and fake cameras that showed jungle animals for safari. 

After we had lunch (described in next paragraph), we played hot potato with the yummy yummy music and each kid won a blow up musical instrument  (OT- guitars, saxophones and microphones).  The kids that were then out we occupied pretending to sing, play music, etc and played freeze dance since the music was stopping and starting. 

After cake, I read a poem that invited the kids to a treasure hunt (idea from this web site, which I modified by putting clues on the back of the balloons that we had cut out and taped to wall) where they had to find a blue clue Aye me hearties, you’re doing great! Now find Jeff’s purple clue don’t be late!  Wake up, Jeff, you sleepy head!  Next clue matches Murray red!  The next clue is below; it is the color of Greg’s shirt yellow! When the treasure was found, the birthday boy opened it and the wiggle balloons flew to the ceiling.  The kids were in wae and were handed the goody bags filled with wiggle gummy fruit bags, jungle animal tattoos, pinwheels, red chocolate roses, dog bone candy and friendship rings. 

We did made the thank you notes treasure chests that when you opened, had the picture taken from the party and we wrote I found the best treaure your friendship!  Thank you for The buffet table had the usual snacks (chips, pretzels, etc) but also had a variety of lunch choices ‘cuz 3 year olds are picky at least mine is.  A beanie baby Dorothy was placed near dino-shaped chicken nuggets; Wags was next to mozzeralla string sticks (simulating bones) while Henry was between the green pasta (seaweed) and hotdogs cut/boiled into Octopus idea from this web site). 

The cake was a guitar I made a rectangle cake and shaped it into a guitar.  (Place the cake diagonal on the cardboad cake plate to allow the cake to be long I cut a strip of the rectangle cake off and moved it to be the guitar handle.)  After frosting it chocolate with a black circle for the hole, I put licorce strings for guitar strings, candy melts for buttons and Hershey kisses on the sides where the strings ended to look like the screws on the end of a guitar that tighten the strings.  I also added a wiggles cardboard logo that came with the paper goods and placed wavy candles on top.

This party was a lot of fun to plan with my now 3 and 5 yr olds and we really had a blast;  I hope this will be helpful for others.  ENJOY!

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