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Wiggles Party

Wiggles Carnival Party -3yr- Balloon Arch




Crystal in Springfield, Mo. USA


January 2006


Special Mention

For my sons 3rd birthday party he wanted a wiggles party. I wanted to go all out so I decided on a wiggly canival circus party! This way I had a combination of many things to do. I am a stay at home mom so I had a good amount of time to plan. About two months in advance I started ordering, making, and planning for the party. I rented out a large community room for a whole weekend so we would have enough time to decorate, have the party, and clean up.

The invites were just wiggles invitations that inside read _'s Wiggly Carnival Birthday Party, date, time, location, etc., and Join us at the Big Top! They included carnival money (play wiggly money with my sons picture in the middle) for the kids to purchase a wiggly carnival entrance ticket and tickets for the wiggly games.

I started out by having the  sign outside of the community center say "Welcome to _'s Wiggly Carnival Party". Then again on the sign when you walked through the main doors. We had helium balloons on both sides leading all the way to our party room. We played carnival music throughout the whole party. Just inside the double doors to our party room we had a ticket booth set up(ordered from shindigz) that said "Happy Wiggly Birthday _!" Running the ticket booth was Grandpa dressed up as Captain Feathersword. When each child arrived Captain Feathersword greeted them with "Ahoy there, me hearties. Welcome to _'s wiggly carnival party." The kids then got to purchase a wiggly carnival entrance ticket and wiggly game tickets. The wiggly carnival entrance ticket had a xerox picture of my son holding all of his wiggles characters and it read _'s Wiggly Carnival Party.

The game tickets I purchased at Walmart. The children at this point also got to guess how many wiggly gumballs were in a large jar. At the end of the party the winner was announced and won the jar. As the children entered the wiggly party through a huge balloon arch made of blue, purple, yellow, and red (the wiggles colors). At the balloon arch was a pirate from the SS Feathersword(older cousin dressed up) to accept the carnival ticket and hand out a "doggie bag". This was a hadled gift bag for all of their prizes with a dog tag with each childs name on it.

Each child got one of the four wiggles colors along with t-shirts I made in advance with the wiggles logo on the front and the childs name on the back.T-shirts and bags were the same color. Off to one side of our room was a huge octagon made of pvc pipe and covered with streamers in the four colors to make a big top. There was a curtain like entrance with a 5' tall cardboard colored cutout of Dorothy the Dinosaur (I made this myself) holding helium balloons on one side and one of Wags the Dog on the other side. Inside there was a round table set up for presents, one for the cake, and one for parents to sit at. All of the paper goods were in the four wiggles colors and the centerpieces were popcorn buckets full of popcorn and balloon boquets with a wiggles balloon in the middle. Every chair at every table had a helium balloon on a string attached.

The birthday boys chair at the cake table and the present table had three balloons attached. Having multiple tables was good for an after party cleanup. Outside of the big top on the other side of the room was our game stations which each had it's own prizes to pick from a treasure chest(to keep in their doggie bag) and pirate running it(older cousin or family friend). Each station was one ticket and everyone won a prize at each station while wearing their wiggly new t-shirt!

1)Hoop Dee Doo Ring Toss; 2 liter pop bottles filled with sand painted in the wiggles colors with a picture of the four wiggles taped onto each pop bottle.

2)Toot Toot Chugga Chugga Big Red Car Bean Bag Throw; I made a big cardboard colored cutout of the Big Red Car with holes for a bean bag throw.

3)Wags has hidden his bones; A small swimming pool full of sand with bones hidden. Give the child a play shovel and they find a bone, then recieves a prize.

4)Dorothy waters her roses; a large cardboard colored cutout of Dorothy watering roses. The roses are balloons that you pop with darts. Pop 3 balloons and recieve a prize.

5)Henry's Fish Find; set up glass fish bowls and bounce a pingpong ball into it. Prize: a gold fish to take home.

6)Wiggle Bay; fill a small pool with water and weighted plastic ducks in the wiggles colors. Have each duck numbered on the bottom . Have the child pick a duck from Wiggle Bay and pick a prize according to the ducks number. 7)Wags Hole in the Doghouse; I made a play doghouse out of cardboard, colored it, wrote Wags The Dog on it and let the kids hit a golf ball into it to win a prize. We also had a table set up for face painting. While they got their face painted they got a animal balloon of their choice made.

Prizes at the games consisted of circus books, wiggles coloring books, wiggles stickers, roses, tattoos, slinkies, clown noses, giant plastic sunglasses, silly glasses with nose and mustache,bouncy balls, circus peanuts, cracker jacks, plastic teeth, baby bottle pops, water squirting cameras, glow bracelets, umbrella hats, inflatable crayons, whoopy cushions, finger traps, wiggles fruit snacks, slap bracelets, small puzzles, parachute guys, play jewelry, jumbo inflatable party shoes and more.

After letting the kids play games for an hour we opened the "Yummy Yummy" concession stand. Three tables shaped in a u decorated like a concession stand. Large mylar balloons of popcorn and hotdogs were tied to the table. Kids could use their remaining carnival dollars to buy concessions of their choice. I had a popcorn machine, snowcone machine, bagged cotton candy, hotdogs wrapped in foil, corndogs, nachos, sliced pizza, lunch size lays potato chip bags, and canned pop.

After the kids got their concessions they sat at two tables in the corner I had set up like a movie stage. Then Captain Feathersword(Grandpa) put on a 30 minute magic show. The kids absolutely loved it. Next we ate cake while opening presents. Walmart has a great Wiggles cake kit at the bakery. All of the kids went home with lots of prizes, a new t-shirt, a bag of popcorn, a goldfish, and a balloon. I am sure the kids all slept great that night, I know my three did. Hopefully next year will be just as fun, if not better. We had a wiggly good time clownin' around!!!

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