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Wiggles Party

Wiggles Splash Party -3yr- Mashed Banana Bread




Faryal in Lisle, IL USA


May 2004


Special Mention

My son is arguably the biggest Wiggles fan we know, so for his third birtday this summer, we're throwing him a Wiggles Splash Party.  With the weather being warm & the Wiggles having so many water songs, friends, etc. it was the obvious theme for this year's party! 

For the invites, I downloaded an image of the Wiggles guys with their pants rolled to their knees, riding a surf board.  I've digitally added leis to their necks.  Above the image, I've added the Wiggles logo & then some text below it, so that it reads "The Wiggles present...Yaseen's Splash Party."  It really looks like something the group could use for their next DVD cover!  I've printed these invites out and slipped them onto DVD covers, which I'll use for invites.  The back of the cover shows a picture of my son wearing a green Wiggles logo shirt that I made using iron on paper.  The back reads "The Fifth Wiggle is Turning Three, Please Come to His Wiggly Splash Party!" (there's really no green wiggle, but my son could really be it if the group is looking!).  The case holds directions to the party, which is being held at a zero depth splash pad at a local park district.  My son will use his Wiggles stamping kit and a separate wave stamp to decorate the envelopes with the four wiggles & their friends. 

For the first part of the party, Yaseen & his younger brother will wear yellow wiggles t-shirts with navy shorts & a yellow stripe down the sides similar to what Greg (their favorite wiggle) wears.  Kids & parents will arrive for lunch at the park's gazebo which I'll decorate with a wiggles/beach theme.  Picnic tables will be covered with yellow, red, purple and blue covers.  Each table will have a large sand pail in another wiggles color (ie. blue table with yellow pail, yellow table with purple pail, etc.).  The pails will be filled with sand and I'll tie yellow, red, purple and blue helium balloons to the handles of each pail. 

From the roof of the gazebo, I'll hang inflatable guitars and microphones, as well as inflatable fish and surfboards.  At the entrance to the gazebo, I'll place our big red car ride on, in which the guests can pose for a photo.  I'll use these photos for thank-you notes.    My husband is burning a CD of the wiggles water-themed music that we'll play throughout the lunch.  Once everyone arrives, I'll have the wiggles pull-sting pinata for the under three age group that I'll stuff with the wiggles printed loot bags pre-filled with candy so that the younger kids get their fair share.  I'll have a surfboard pinata for the older kids to whack at.  We're expecting 25 kids & their moms. 

Lunch for the party will include foods from the wiggles songs..."Hot Potato" chips, "Cold Spaghetti" pasta salad, ""Mashed Banana" bread, "Fruit Salad" and "Crunchy Munchy Honey Cakes."  Our local bakery has agreed to decorate the cake with the Big Red Car cake topper heading towards a beach/lake.  The edges of the cake will be water waves.  I'll serve most of the food in larger pails and drinks in a "captain feathersword treasure chest" cooler.  We'll even use shovels as serving utencils.  I'll use a mix of wiggles plates, napkins, etc. for the kids & a mix of wiggle-colored ones for the moms. 

Favors will be sand pails (again, red, yellow, purple, blue pails) decoated with the wiggles logo shape outline.  My husband's offered to write each guests name inside the wiggles logo.  We'll make each "I" and "l" in the names wiggly like they are in the logo.  I'll fill the pails with a mix of wiggles goodies & other splash favors in wiggles colors.  So far, I have wiggles kaleidoscopes, wiggles fruit snacks, wiggles coloring books, crayons, wiggles sticker sheets; and also bubbles with fish on the containers, sunglasses, leis for the girls, mini beach balls, plastic octopus & fish squirt toys.  I'll fill the pails so that the goodies can be taken out easily and the pails can be used for the splash part of the party.     

Once everyone's eaten & received their favors, we'll head over to the splash pad, where the kids can use their pails & splash around for the rest of the afternoon.  Yaseen & his brother will change into their wiggles swim trunks & grab their wiggles beach towels & sunglasses.  I'll have colored sunblock on hand so the kids can paint one another if they like.  As people leave, I'll have mini bags of rainbow goldfish crackers & juiceboxes for each guest, so that they have a snack for the ride home (my kids are always hungry after playing in the water).  Hopefully, Yaseen & his friends will have as much fun celebrating as I'm having organizing this party!

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