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Wiggles Party

Wiggles Party -2yr- Treasure Hunt




Jaime in Suwanee, Ga  USA


Sept. 2003


Special Mention

Wiggles Party 2 year old  My 2 year old son is in LOVE with the wiggles so we are giving him a Wiggles Party!!   

Invitation: I like to make my own invitations so I made some using publisher.  I got a wiggles graphic from their website and made post card type (half-sheet size) cards.  I found a company online that does color copies on glossy card stock for $.35 per sheet!!  (www.greatcolorcopies.com)  On my invitations I wrote: DJ is turning 2 and he wants to celebrate with you.  He loves the Wiggles and Henry too, so Wiggle over and party...won't you?  COme help Wags find his bones.  And then join Henry's band and play a few tones.  Captain Feathersword is looking for treasure.  So come help us dig, it would be our pleasure!  Anthony says: Whao-Hoo the food's going to be great!  There's Rosy Tea, Fruit Salad, Mashed Bananas, and Hot Potatoes I know you'll clean your plate!  But make room for those Crunchy Munchy Honey Cakes!!  Then on the bottom of the invitation I wrote: When to Wiggle: (Date and Time)  Where to Wiggle: (address) How to Wiggle: Wear your favorite Wiggle color, and Who to Wiggle To: (RSVP name and number).  I wrote each paragraph in a different wiggle color.  They turned out great!! 

Games: As the invitation suggests, we will be playing an adapted version of an egg hunt.  I found dog bone candy individualy wrapped at oriental trading.  We will scatter those in the back yard.  The kids will collect them in their "Doggie Bags" I made out of lunch bags with a dog paw print on it. 

Then for the treasure hunt, I will be hiding gold foil chocolate coins in my sand box that I will fill with packing foam peanuts (got that idea off this website!)  I will be playing the Wiggles CD music and get the kids together to play in Henry's band with the homemade noise makers I made ahead of time. 

I've been collecting toilet paper and paper towel tubes.  I'm filling those with dried beans, rice, and some small jingle bells.  Sealing the ends with masking tape then wrapping in solid wiggles colors with ribbon coming off the ends.  Each kid will be able to add this to their doggie bag when their done the Band! 

Since it's 2 year olds (and a lot of family with older kids) I'm trying to keep the games simple.  As an alternative game to have on hand I have drawn a large WAGS on poster board and will be ready to play Pin the Tail on Wags also.  

For the Food:  I will have what the invitation says!  Fruit Salad of course!!  Also Rosy Tea (Fruit Punch/Party Punch), Mashed Bananas (Banana Pudding), and a Potato Bar with topping choices.  I will also be making crunchy munchy honey cakes (Took a while but I finally found the recipe!! If you need it you can email me).   

Cake: For the cake I will be making a VERY small cake with plain frosting.  I bought the edible icing decorations off ebay, the ones for cupcakes.  I will put those around the outside of the top of the cake and write happy bday in the middle.  It will mostly just be for him to be able to blow out candles.  The main "Cake" will be cup cakes.  I will be making the cupcakes in the ice cream cones (the ones with the flat bottom)  Just fill them 2/3 of the way with cake batter and bake like you would cupcakes.  You can sit them in a cupcake pan so they won't tip.  Then I will frost them with the wiggles colors icing (got that one from this site too! Thanks!) 

Decorations:  How easy is it!!  Solid colors from the dollar store.  Balloons, Table covers, plates, napkins, cups, and forks…all different wiggles colors!  I also made banners on my computer that say Happy Birthday, Henry's Big Band,and Welcome to the Wiggle House.  I used clip art from the wiggles site to put pictures on the banners.  I also drew a large Henry on poster board…really just because that's my son's favorite character. 

Loot Bags:  First Idea: The kids will already have their own Doggie bags with their candy and music maker in it.  Before they leave they will get another bag.  One of those see through small bags. In it I will be putting small bubbles (the plain clear ones that you see at weddings.  I got them at the dollar store 6 for $1!  I will be putting a wiggles sticker on each bottle), A plastic instrument (also at the dollar store), small paint sets (a pack of 12 from walmart for 2.99), wiggle color book I made from their website, a square of music note stickers (from the craft store), and a pack of wiggles fruit snacks (Target box of 6 for 1.99!). 

Loot bags: Second Idea--I also thought about somehow putting all of the things that go in the loot bags in the dog bone search and treasure hunt game.  Have each item tagged with the names of the kids.  Then let them go and they have to search until they find their items.  That way I can make it easy for the young kids and harder for the older kids.  Then they would put everything into their "doggie bags" and there would be no need for another loot bag.  It would be all combined.  I also wanted to say thanks for all your ideas I've used this site for my son's first birthday (old mcdonald) and it was a huge hit!!!  I love all your creative ideas!!  Let's keep it up!!  You may email me if you have any questions or would like a copy of my invitation or anything else.

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