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Webkinz Party

Webkinz Sleepover Party -10yr- Poncho Craft




Angela in Katy, TX USA


June 2009


Honorable Mention

Webkinz are the must have" among my daughter and her friends. So when it came time to celebrate her birthday I was selected to have a "Webkinz Sleepover". There were no party supplies available and as she wanted 10 girls to come I tried to find an inexpensive way to make this happen. 

INVITATIONS: We used the computer to create Webkinz stationary using pictures of various webkinz she has in her collection. We included the date time place and an invitation to bring their favorite Webkinz.

DECORATIONS: As it was a slumber party we didn't decorate much because the girls had their sleeping bags laid out and the activities took up space. My daughter did place her personal collection of webkinz all around to give the webkinz feel.

PARTY SNACKS: The table was set up with a various selection of my daughter's favorite munchies. Carrots pretzels chips popcorn candies juice bags etc. Once dinner came each girl made their own English muffin pizza.

ACTIVITIES: This was the majority of the party. My daughter and I researched this site as well as the Webkinz website for ideas.

1)As the girls arrived they created ponchos out of felt for their own webkinz. They also decorated backpacks I found at oriental trading to hold all their animals items.

2)Webkinz Minigolf - my husband has a practice putting green we used for the girls to put into the whole. If they made a whole in one they received 5 gold coins two strokes earned 3 coins more than two earned 1 coin. Coins were purchased from oriental trading.

3) Wishing Well- Using a white plastic well normally used for weddings or quincentitas we used permanent markers to color the well like the wishing well. Filled it with runts candy and had the girls spoon out candy. If they had 3 of a kind they earned 5 coins 2 of a kind earned 3 coins and none received 1 coin.

4)New Arrivals - I found a lil kinz type webkinz for bulk sale on ebay. Each girl received their own new webkinz. We created name colors using alphabet beads I purchased or had left over from the craft store.I waited for the beads to go on sale for 50% off. The ebay webkinz cost about $5 each. After naming their new webkinz I had the house computer set up in one room and my laptop set up in another where they logged their webkinz on and played in each others accounts.

5)Make the Bed-before the party I collected shoe boxes. The girls made beds for their new webkinz.

6) Wheel of WOW - using insulation foam from the hardware store and a lazy suzane I painted a wheel of wow the girls spun for prizes and coins. This was also used as a decoration in the living room/sleeping area.

7)Webkinz Trivia- before the party my daughter answered 10 questions about herself (favorite color food etc.) Each girl answered the questions my daughter read off the correct answers. Each correct answer received a coin. They then made a list of all the webkinz they had in their own collection. If my daughter had one of the same they received a coin.

8)W-Shop - after all the activies were done the girls went shopping with their coins. I went to the dollar store and purchased tokens and items I thought the girls might like. Hair accessories pens erasers notepads make-up etc. My daughter put a price on each item. This was a great hit!

CAKE: We baked a two layer circle cake which we decorated as the Wheel of WOW using tinted frosting. In the center we used the birthday webkinz figure as decoration. Really cute!  As an added bonus: it was premier night for a popular show on the Disney Channel so we took a break snacked and watched some tv.

FAVORS: The girls each received their own webkinz backpack necklace and poncho. All the girls really enjoyed the party and my daughter wants to have another webkinz party for her 11th birthday. Hope these give you some ideas and spark your imagination as well."

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