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Webkinz Party

Webkinz Party -8yr- Wheel of Wow




Tana in Estill Springs,TN USA


February 2009


Honorable Mention

My daughter wanted a webkinz party for her 8th birthday. I started with making her imvitations, I took a picture of her spotted bullfrog webkinz and made an invitation from it that said, Hop on over and don't be late cause Chloe is turning 8! It then told time, place, and date.  It turned out really cute.   We usually invite about 40 kids so I had to come up with something that would keep them occupied and  be fun at the same time. 

My husband made a wheel of wow from plywood and 2x4's.  It was a table top version, I painted it just like the real wheel of wow. I picked up prizes from the after Christmas sales, lifesavers, lip balm, gold coin candies, webkinz bookmarks (off ebay), candy bracelets, candy rings, and bubble gum. 

We also borrowed a cow that my friend had made for her fall festival game at school, it was actually a giant bull with horns, the object of the game is to rope the horns.  This became our cash cow game.  The children were given webkinz cash made by me on the internet with a site where you make life like money with anybody's picture on it so I put the webkinzs' pictures.  The money would be given in return to take a chance at roping our Cash Cow.  There was 3 prize, a participation prize, a one roping prize, and a two roping prize.   

The third game I found on the internet that I could print for free was a bingo that I could use my daughter's name Chloe instead of bingo and the animals resembled webkinz so we called it Webkinz bingo but they had to yell out Chloe instead of Bingo.  My daugther loved this.  As the kids started to arrive, we played webkinz bingo to keep them occupied.  Each child was given a ticket. We had three different sets of tickets.  This would be how we would place them to play the games. 

As everyone arrived, we divided up into 3 groups and each child was give 20-25 minutes to spin the wheel of wow, play cash cow or bingo. Each game came with an array of prizes and each child won a prize each time they played a game.   Thanks to my friends and their teenage daughters, the games went off without a hitch and time flew by without anyone becoming board.  At the end of the time limit, we would move the kids to another game. 

Once each group had finished all of the games, we came back into the eating area where we served hotdogs with the webkinz dashund guarding them, cheese and fixins with the webkinz mouse guarding them,  chips with our trusty garden rabbit guarding them, and  different cola drinks.  We used hefty zooanimals for the plates, cups, and bowls since webkinz has not come out with a birthday line of plates.  They looked so much like webkinz that everyone thought we had finally found the webkinz line.  

I had each table set up with a webkinz dollar, a hershey kiss, and a webkinz nametag for each child.  In the middle of each table was a different webkinz.  The tables were covered with blue webkinz colored table cloths. We had posters made from the internet that were webkinz posters with Welcome to Chloe's Webkinz World Party and Happy Birthday Chloe hanging throughout the game area.  We had a poster with each game on it, Cash Cow, Webkinz Bingoz, and Wheel of Wow.  The dining area was decorated with webkinz birhtday posters.  

As the kids got their food, they got to pick which cupcake they would have as dessert.  We made animal cupcakes to resemble the webkiz, a bunny, a chicken, a duck, a white terrier, a gray terrier, a beagle, a cat, a panda bear, and for my daughter, we made a mini cake that looked like her spotted frog webkinz with his tongue out, on his tongue, we put a candle. We had 7 more candles surrounding him.  The kids were amazed with the cupcakes.  My husband is a cake decorator and they did look wonderful.  We made 72 cupcakes. 

While the kids ate their cupcakes and ice cream, my daughter opened her gifts.  She had a blast and thanked each person individually. As she was doing this, I drew ticket names from the tickets we had given out at the beginning of the party.  Each winner won webkinz lip balm with a code.  

As the party came to an end, we had a huge surprise for our guests. I had racked up on a lot of webkinz on ebay and found the webkinz bags as well.  Each child was given their very own webkinz to take home.  We had 37 kids to attend and they had a blast at this party. They were still talking about it weeks after the party.   The moms said that I had won Mom of the Year for sure. 

The party was so organized and kept all of the kids occupied.  For that I am so thankful.  It was a lot of fun to put together and even more fun to watch the kids get excited with each new game and the anticipation of winning a prize.  Each child went home with many prizes and a new webkinz. My daughter said it was the best birthday ever.  Her friends want to know when they can have another one.  

All in all I would say we had one ultimate webkinz party!!

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