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Webkinz Party

Webkinz Party -9yr- Necklace & Hat Crafts




Carisa in Alberta, Canada


March 2010


Special Mention

My daughter wanted to have a Webkinz birthday party for her 9th birthday.  She invited 11 of the girls in her class. 

INVITATIONS:  We created cute invitations with the party information and included Webkinz clipart with the pets saying cute things like:  Hop on Over for a Party (frog); It would be Purr-fect if you could come (cat), etc.  We asked each girl to bring their favourite Webkinz pet to the party. 

DECORATIONS:  Balloons, labels and signs for the game stations.  

ACTIVITIES:  When the girls came we had a table set up with items for each girl to make their Webkinz pet a necklace and a party hat.  The party hat was a foam kit that I found at the $store and they were small to start with but I cut them down a little to fit the pets ahead of time.  The hat kit had the elastic and stickers and  I purchased small foam letter sticker so they can put the pets name on the hat.  Then using pipe cleaners the girls used beads and alphabet beads to make a necklace for their pets.  They turned out really cute.   

We had a low table set up with a medium gift bag for each girl where they can keep their Webkinz items and any prizes and Kinzcash(KC) that they collect throughout the party.  I created Kinzcash by cutting out circles using yellow poster board and then printed the Kinzcash  symbols on them.  I explained to the girls that they would be playing games and earning Kinzcash which they would be able to use to purchase things at the W-shop at the end of the party.   

CAKE:  Then we had birthday cake.  I decorated a round cake into the Wheel of Wow and it turned out really cute.   

GAMES:   We first played Webkinz MiniGolf".  I had a kids minigolf set and the girls each took a turn on it.  If they got a hole-in-one they received 5 Kinzcash 2 putts they got 3 Kinzcash and more than 2 they got 1 KC.   Then we did Operation Gumball station which was 2 different sized containers of gumballs and then girls filled out their guesses for each.  The girl who got closest would take home the jars at the end.  

Next came Wheel of Wow which was the biggest hit.  My father-in-law built a Wheel of Wow using MDF for the rotating circle attached to a tripod by a special bolt.  Then used a zip-tie around a screw at the top pointed down as the indicator and little screws around the circle for dividers.  And we painted it cute and added labels for prizes. 

Our Wheel of Wow categories were 5 kinzcash 3 kinz cash 1 kinz cash Free Spin Extra Guess at Operation Gumball Extra Item at the W-shop Pick first (then changed it to 2nd 3rd etc) at the W-shop and the biggest hit was the Gak category.  The Gak was blue Jello but if they ate it they received 2 Kinzcash.  

The we played Pizza Palace and the girls each made an individual pizza for dinner.  To keep track of each girl's pizza we cooked the pizza on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper and we labelled the names on the paper and it worked great!  While the pizza was baking we played more games.  

We played Wishing Well which I adapted by making 2 sets of 3 dice out of cardstock.  The dice each had 5 clipart of the Wishing Well fruit and a wishing well.  Each girl got 3 turns to roll the dice (had 2 lines going) and if they got 3 of the same item they got 5 Kinzcash (KC) 2 the same they received 2 KC and for each wishing well they got 2 KC.  

Then we played LilyPadz in 2 different ways.  I created green lilypads out of cardstock with prizes written on the back.  We spread them out and the girls took turns throwing frogs onto the lilypads and received the prize on the back.  The prizes were similar to the Wheel of Wow but we added candy item prizes too.  Then we played Lilypadz like musical chairs.  I placed the lily pads in a circle and while the music played the kids hopped like frogs and stopped when the music stopped. After the 3rd round the girls got to flip it over and receive the prize.  

Then the girls ate their pizzas they created for dinner and after dinner my daughter opened her gifts.  

Then we played a game of Arte's Gem Hunt which was a huge hit.  In our garage I had blacked out the windows and I laid out Easter eggs.  The Easter eggs either contained a gem (also including a slip of paper with the name and Kinzcash trade-in value) or Slag (a piece of gravel).  The girls were each given a flashlight and took turns going in and picking 3 eggs.  At the end the girls opened them and could either keep the gem (many did) or trade them in for the cash value.  They loved it.  

At that time it was 20 minutes to pickup time so the girls then visited the Chef Gazpacho station and made ice cream sundaes (my mom and mother-in-law ran the kitchen for me).  During this time I called the girls (names drawn from a bucket) to come to the W-shop.    I had tables set up with items they could trade their Kinzcash for.  To make it fair if they received 10 KC (they all did) they could pick 1 item from each of the 4 main piles (2 candy/choc.  Items and 2 toy/hair items) and then any additional KC they could pick from penny candy.  In addition we created bookmarks using Webkinz clipart and sayings like: Wild about Reading Jump into a Good Book Sharing a Book with Friends is Purr-fect Reading is Dog-gone Fun!.  Then my daughter thanked the guests for coming on the bookmark and signed her name and we laminated them punched a hole and attached a cute ribbon on each.  They turned out great!  We had other games planned as well but not enough time!   Great party lots of fun!  "

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