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Watermelon Party

Watermelon Party -1yr- One In A Melon




Kami in Phoenix


July 2004



Watermelon first birthday.  I have been helping a friend of mine plan a first birthday party for her daughter whose birthday in the middle of summer. 

She is using a watermelon them and her tag line is Abbey is "one in a melon".  She is using an invitation with a die cut watermelon adhered to the top.  She sealed the invite with a watermelon sticker. 

She is doing the party in pink, bright green, and black.  Since it is in the middle of summer she has found tons of watermelon items to use for decorations and to serve the food in. 

She has found a watermelon drink to serve to the adults. 

She is making watermelon magnets with the center cut out and a picture of her daughter in the middle and the saying "Abbey is one in a melon" along the bottom (found these on Oriental trading co). 

She has found a variety of watermelon candy to put in the party favor bags.  She is using pink tablecloths with shiny black marble rocks down the center of the tables and green balloons. 

Her daughter will wear a watermelon bib when she digs into her first piece of cake. 

This is a fun theme to do during summer when watermelons are a plenty.

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