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Watermelon Party

Watermelon Party -8yr- Watermelon Eating Contest




Juli in Homewood, IL USA


July 2012



My daughter remembers fondly her 3 year old watermelon birthday party and wanted to do the same for her 8 year party. 

There are many cute invitations online.  Because her birthday is in July, we had the party at the splash pad. 

The decorations were simple for the pavilion.  I got a piece of watermelon fabric that my daughter liked from JoAnne's for a table cloth and supplemented it with a plastic green one.  Plates and glasses were pink and green.  Watermelons used for a game were part of the decorations. 

For games, we started with pin the slice on the birthday girl.  I took a picture of her eating a slice of watermelon in our garden and sent it to Walgreens to blow up to 11x14.  The picture was centered on green poster board and it doubled as a cute decoration.  I drew some pink circles on card stock and then surrounded them with green circles.  The birthday girl colored them in and then cut them into fourths.  They were blindfolded and tried to get the slices closest to her mouth on the picture.  It was cute. 

Next, we had a watermelon relay race.  The girls were split into teams and each team was given a whole watermelon.  We utilized the park next to the splash pad for the relay.  The girls had to get the watermelon around the 100 yard circle around the park, then bring it up to the top of a slide and get it down the slide. 

After that, they rolled it down the hill.  Each team got a point if everyone helped (teamwork), a point if the watermelon was whole, a point if they were the fastest team to get the watermelon down the hill and a point if their watermelon rolled the farthest.  Everyone's watermelon made it whole! 

Then we had a watermelon eating contest. I sliced watermelon into quarter slices.  The birthday girl chose no hands for the contest.  So they had to keep hands behind their back while they ate, but could use their hands to adjust the piece, and then eat when their hands are behind their back again.  The girls were able to cool off and rinse off at the splash pad.  The party was a sleepover, so later to calm down, we painted nails to look like water melon slices.  I found a demo online using pink, then green tips and three black dots for seeds on each finger. 

For dinner, we had pizza and I made a watermelon slushy with a recipe I got online.  I served it in a cut out watermelon.  I sliced the side of a watermelon and stood it up so it had a flat base, cut out the fruit and combined it with lime juice and frozen strawberries in the blender to make the slushy and filled the watermelon.  I added lemon lime pop to sweeten it.  The birthday girl also helped cut heart-shaped watermelon slices. 

The cake was decorated to look like a watermelon on top with strawberry pop cake so it was pink like the inside of a watermelon. 

For take home favors, I found pink photo frame pencil cups and filled them with green sticky notes, pencils and small candies.  I will send a picture of all the girls at the party with the thank you notes. 

A watermelon party was a sweet idea for a sweet 8 year old.

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