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Watermelon Party

Watermelon Party -1yr- Watermelon Table Décor




Susan in Starke, Florida  US


September 2004



After five years experience planning my son's birthday parties, I felt I needed assistance with my daughter's very special 1st Birthday.  I discovered birthdaypartyideas.com and fell in love with it.  I had my son's first five birthday themes planned since day one, but again with my daughter's I just couldn't narrow a theme.  Her birthday is in July, so I wanted to do a picnic theme and from that I chose WATERMELON.  I had a ball with the planning, and with some helpful hints with the substitution of watermelon her birthday was a BLAST.

Sticking with the whole picnic theme: Wearing her watermelon attire, my daughter welcomed her guests with watermelon punch. We served chicken/egg/tuna salad sandwiches on a watermelon platter- pasta salad in a watermelon bowl.  The chips were served in a picnic basket, and of course fresh cut watermelon in a carved watermelon basket all displayed on a watermelon tablecloth.  The napkins and plates too went a long with the watermelon theme. 

Being that you don't sit too long with one year olds, we used quilts to sit on; as well as, bales of hay.  I used summer color plaid bed spread for the table cloth over the picnic table.  We had pink/green balloons all around.  And Watermelon cake for desert. (Two round cakes with green frosting on the sides and edge and red in the middle with chocolate chips for the seeds-can also cut one round cake as watermelon slices to accent the whole watermelon cake).

The party games were really for the older children, but my daughter loved to watch all of the excitement. First, we had a watermelon eating contest, then a seed spitting contest, and finally, a watermelon rhine bobbing contest.  And to top the games off, we had a watermelon pinata.

For THANK YOU's, we took my daughter's picture on a watermelon quilt with a picnic basket and watermelon with my daughter having a taste.  We sent them as post cards. Thanks to some of the suggestions found on birthdaypartyideas.com, I just elaborated and substitued with WATERMELON and my daughter's first birthday became easy and fun to plan.  Thank You.

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