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VeggieTales Party

Very Veggie Party -4yr- Carnival Games




Stephanie in Mc Minnville, TN, USA


December 2013


Runner Up

INVITATIONS:  Our teacher's center had cutouts of tomatoes and pickles.  I added google eyes and faces and put them side by side on yellow card stock.  It said Peas "lettuce" "cel"ebrate Destiny's 4th Birthday Party.

DECORATIONS:  I made several poster board cutouts of veggie tales and taped them on the wall. I used red and green paper round paper lanterns and put Bob and The peas faces on them.  The banner was made by putting Happy birthday from cutout letters on little red and green paper plates and used binder clips and a hole punch to put them together. I used red green and yellow party hats. The tables and silverware and other utensils were red green and yellow too.  I had some streamers strung around the room.  Being that it was fall it was easy to find gourds and pumpkins and fake fruits and veggies for center pieces. 

ACTIVITIES:  I did a felt board presentation of "Larry sings the blues." (Destiny's favorite)  It didn't take long to make.  This was a good activity to settle them down before they ate. They could also watch a veggie tales video or do a sing along.  They colored veggie tales pictures.

GAMES:  Destiny's party had play stations set up like carnival games.  I based the idea on the Land of Haas and Pistachio carnival setups.  I had 10 stations but I included a few other ideas.  I had a parent or adult new each station.  I just used a basic carnival like game and linked it to a silly song on themed show:  I taped the signs above the games and the picked the games the wanted to play.  It works well for a party with multi-aged kids.  Kids as young as 18 months and adults and preteens all had something they could do. 

Pin the Tooth on Larry:  I played "Happy Tooth Day while they placed felt teeth on a felt larry cutout 

Bobbin' for Larry:  Instead of Bobbing for apples they went bobbing for mini salad cucumbers 

Bubble Wrap Station:  This was their favorite and very easy to set up.  I bought two rolls of bubble wrap and taped them to the wall and the floor.  While we played "Bubble Wrap"  they stomped and played.  What kid doesn't love bubble wrap? 

Bowling with Bob:  I put a Bob face on a red kickball and they just tried to knock down the pins.  It would be cute to use green and yellow pins & add faces (like jimmy and Jerry & Junior) 

Peas in the pail:  More tennis balls just thrown into 3 pails .  I just placed the pails in a line and they tried to throw a ball in each one 

Tomato Toss: use red bean bags and a corn hole toss board.  Let them try to toss the bean bags in the holes.  Bob basketball:  I used a mini basket ball net and little mini balls with bob faces and they just tried to toss the balls in the net  Swimming with Jonah:  a kiddie pool full of either ball pit balls or balloons with veggie faces.

Dress-up station:  They got to dress up as their choice of the favorite veggie theme videos such as pirates (that Don't do anything) cowboys (Little Joe and Moe and the Big Exit) princesses (Sweetpea Beauty The Pennyless Princess) Elves & fairies (Lord of the Beans) and any other favorites.  Her party was in October so I had no problem finding inexpensive dress-up materials.

Sippy Cup Knockdown:  I had a few green balls (tennis balls) that I added Veggie faces to and I used one ball here and stacked three sippy cups.  They threw the ball and tried to knock down as many cups as the could.  I had simple little party favors and suckers as prizes.  Play "Sippy Cup"  Larry Boy Ring toss: I bought a pack of glowstick necklaces and formed them into rings.  I set a (new) plunger on a bench and they tried to throw the rings around the plunger (Play Larry Boy theme) This one was a favorite too. 

Cupcake walk:  We played the veggie tale theme and just gave out "Pea" decorated cupcakes 

King George Pick Up duckies:  This one is just like the carnival game.  The ducks with an x got a prize.  Very easy to set up. 

Hairbrush Hunt:  Hide a hair brush and let the kids find it.  I gave a prize to the winner.  I just hid it under the chairs as a kick game but it could be made into a scavenger hunt for bigger kids.

PARTY SNACKS: I did veggie & fruit trays (with cucumber slicescarrots peas pods ect) Pizza (from Pizza angel minus the anchovies lol. Then I had trays of veggie flavored crackers and chips).   I had a cherry tomato tray that looked like Bob.  I used peeled cucmber slices and 2 olive slices for eyes.  (The rest of the olives went on the pizzas) 

CAKE:  I made a round cake and decorated it like Bob  and then I made a Larry cake by splitting a round cake in half and and putting a square cake in the middle.  I used brown M&M's for the eyes.

FAVORS:  Party sacks included crayons and coloring pages of veggie tales characters fruit snacks and veggie tales stickers.  I had some extra cups on the table and some extra coloring pages so they didn't have to open their new ones.  I included a little rubber duckie and some veggie tales stickers as well. I bought a large pack of favors In green red and yellow colors and what I didn't use in the bags became prizes for the games "

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