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VeggieTales Party

Veggietales Picnic -4yr- Pass the Asparagus




Melanie in Phoenix, AZ. USA


February 2001


Honorable Mention

For my daughter's 4th birthday I wanted something new and fun for her and her friends, both boys and girls.  But we live in a small apartment and her birthday is in January.  Good thing we live in Phoenix, AZ. so I decided to have it at a park that already had picnic tables.  My daughter is really into Veggietales so she picked the theme. 

I did want something creative and fun for everyone, so what we did was since my husband is really good at painting, we bought a display board and some paints.  My husband painted, "Bob, Larry and Jr. Asparagus", character's from Veggietales.  Then he cut the face part out of Jr. Asparagus.  So while we were at the park and kids were showing up, we took their pictures, with a Polaroid camera, with their head in the area that was cut out. 

While others were getting their pictures taken, the other kids were designing their frame to put the pictures in it.  I had made the frames with Popsicle sticks couple days earlier and painted them with the character colors.  So all the kids did was decorate them, they had fun doing this. 

Then we played, "Pass the Asparagus", I found a mini stuffed Jr. at Wal-Mart, Just like in Hot Potato, they sat in a circle passing Jr. to the music of Veggietale, purchased at Target.  And whoever was the last one to get Jr. won the stuffed Jr.  Then we had pizza, and juice boxes. 

The cake was purchased at a local grocery store, couple days before I gave the bakery a photo copy of a picture of Veggietales and they put it on the cake it was really nice. 

Then at the end, my daughter passed out the loot bags that were colored paper bags with bows on filled with some candy, mini play-do, and Veggietale message cards, purchased at a local Christian bookstore. 

And couple days after the party we passed out the thank-you cards with a Veggitale magnet taped on the outside of the envelope, purchased at a local grocery store, the kids loved it and everyone had a blast and was memorable to everyone.

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