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VeggieTales Party

Veggie Tales Party -2yr- Madame Blueberrys Punch




Neila in Batesville, AR  United States


December 2012


Special Mention

For my 2 year old' birthday party, we planned a Veggie Tales birthday party.  We held it at the park since there aren't a whole lot of areas to have a party, other than restaurants.

INVITATIONS: For the invitations, I designed and printed them off.  The wording was something like Lettuce Celebrate!  (Child' name) is turning 2!  Peas come on (date) to (place); Turnip at (time)" with the rest of the directions. It had a seriously cute picture of the gang all together.  I mailed some invitations in bright colored envelopes with a "Celebrate" stamp from the post office and hand delivered the rest.

DECORATIONS: For decorations we purchased colored table cloths for all the tables in yellow red green and blue. I also made a "Happy Birthday" banner out of construction paper in the same colors and printed out letters in white to glue on them.  I decorated clothes pin with pictures of the different characters printed out and glued on to use to pin the banner on a rope and to help keep the table clothes attached to the tables.  I drew and painted large pictures of Bob and Larry on foam board.  We used clay to help keep them propped up on the tables.  We had streamers and balloons but chose against them since it was pretty windy that day.  They would've made a great addition though for more pops of color.  I also made a Qwerty out of the foam board and but a small boombox inside it to play the VeggieTales CD that I had purchased.  I had wanted to make a kitchen photo area but I ran out of time for that.  Another idea I had had was to make a pinata of Bob and/or Larry as decorations.

GOODIE BAGS: For goodie bags I purchased a few things from the VeggieTales website and made a few things too. We had one child that was under 1 so I bought her a stuffed Bob for her goodie (it was a little more expensive than the completed bags but that was ok).  I also purchased from the site tattoos (I opened and divided the packages between the bags so each child got one sheet) some of the rubber band bracelets (also divided among the goodie bags) and a sticker and crayon activity package that had a page to put stickers on and color.  I made a color activity book from different pages that I found online. The booklet had a "Thanks for celebrating (child's name) birthday with us!" and had a picture of all the characters.  It had coloring pages and activity pages and when perfect with the sticker/colors activity booklet that I ordered.  I also made a set of dominos a card match game and stickers from different pictures of the characters I'd found online.  I printed the stickers out on labels and printed the games on card stock cut them all out and put them in little baggies with the instructions on how to play each game.  I also printed out and made puppets on popsicle sticks of a few of the different characters.

SNACKS: For snacks in the bags I had made a "Veggie" mix of candies that included different candies that looked like vegetables (like M&Ms different colored jelly beans Mike & Ike's green Twizzlers and Lemonhead's red mix).  I also purchased some chocolate bunnies after Easter and put "Mr. Nezzer's Chocolate Bunnies" on the package (from the Rack Shack and Benny episode) and I had purchased some carrot shaped Pixi Sticks (my child's birthday is in the beginning of May).  Additionally I had found some VeggieTales snacks for $1 at one of my local grocery stores. I also included seed packets of the different vegetables for the kids to plant when they got home if they wanted. I packed the goodies in colored lunch bags with faces of the characters that I printed out from the internet (for example Bob's face went on a red bag; Larry's face went on a green bag etc.)  Great success on the goodie bag! 

FOOD: For the food I made Mr. Lunt's mini-cheeseburgers, a veggie platter with dip, mini vegetable pizza bites chips with Bob the Tomato's salsa, a bowl of Cheetos (as Mr. Twisty' Cheesy Curls) a bowl of the candy Veggie Mix.  For drinks I made blue Koolaid (Madame Blueberry's punch) and Larry Boy Lemonade. I also designed and printed off labels for water bottles to put on the table. For the cake I made Bob and Larry cupcakes.  I actually found candy eyes in the cake decorating area at my local Walmart. I made strawberry cupcakes and decorated them with red frosting and candy faces for the Bobs. For Larry I frosted twinkies green and used the candy to make faces for Larry. These were a HUGE hit!  I was also considering making some green cake balls for Philippe and Jean-Claude (the French Peas) but I ran out of time.

GAMES: We didn't really have any games because my child only turned 2 and we all played at the park anyways. However, some cute activities could be a treasure hunt for a hairbrush (based on "Where is my hairbrush?") having a yodeling contest (based on "The Yodeling Veterinarian") pin the nose on Bob or Larry a dance contest (based on "Dance of the Cucumber") knocking down the wall (from "Josh and the Big Wall") or any other games that could be modified from the show."

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