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VeggieTales Party

Veggie Tales Party -2yr- Lettuce Celebrate




Toni in Hugo, Oklahoma, USA


September 2008


Honorable Mention

My Son was turning two and he loves Bob and Larry so I wanted to do a Veggie Tales theme party for him. However we are on a budget so I had to come up with some inexpensive ideas. 

I made my own invitations. I bought a pack of construction paper and a glue stick and that's all I needed. I made a pop-up invitation. The outside of the card was orange paper and simply said Lettuce Celebrate (I used the Lettuce just to add to the veggie feel of it.) When you opened the invitation there was a yellow layer of paper (cut slightly in the middle at the crease and folded in to form a pop-up) and Bob and Larry standing there smiling at you. The top said Sean's Turning TWO! and underneath Bob and Larry was the information: Location, Date, Time, R.S.V.P. 

Like I said we are on a budget so buying actual Veggie Tales decorations or any party supplies was out of the question.  I went to the local dollar store and bought streamers in Red, Green, Orange and Yellow (These are colors I associate mostly with Veggie Tales) There is a light fixture in the middle of the ceiling in our living room that we never use so I hung streamers from the light fixture extending to the walls around the entire room (It almost reminded you of a circus tent). Everyone loved it! Including my two year old who, when he saw it, said Cool. 

I also used the construction paper pack that I had purchased for the invitations and cut out a BUNCH of little Bobs (Tomatoes) and Larry's (Cucumbers), then I drew faces on them and taped them all over the walls! (Another big hit!)  Also at the dollar store I purchased one red and two green poster boards (3 for a dollar) and cut a nice big Bob out of the red, taped the two green together lengthwise and cut a life-size (to my two year old anyway) Larry out of it. I drew faces on them and taped them to the wall at my Son's level. He could stand by them and have his picture taken with Bob and Larry (Also after the party I moved them to my Son's room)

Everything was in Veggie Tales colors, including plates, cups and napkins.  Since my Son was only two and we didn't have very many children who would play games at the party we really didn't include games. However, I considered doing a Pin the nose on Bob but in the end decided against it. 

For the cake I bought two box cakes (Last year I made them from scratch but I was slightly more busy this year) and made one of them in a  13x9in pan and the other in an 8in round pan (I baked the leftover batter in a 8in square pan for my husbands birthday cake. He and my son are four days apart) When the cakes were cooled I removed them from the pans and placed them on a cake board. I cut the corners off the 13x9in cake creating a cucumber shape for Larry.  I made my own icing (simply because everyone here is a huge fan of cream cheese icing). I colored some icing green, some red and saved some of it just white for details.

On the round cake I used the red icing and on the oval cake the green. I put white icing in a pastry bag and piped eyes and a mouth on the Bob cake and eyes on the Larry cake. (I had a tub of store bought chocolate icing for my husband's cake) I put some chocolate icing in a pastry bag and piped on Larry's mouth and pupils in their eyes. I used the white icing once more for Larry's tooth. I added a dollop of red to Bob for his nose and green to Larry for his nose. The cakes were done and they turned out Amazing! Everyone loved them! 

Overall the party, decorations and cakes were a huge hit with everyone!

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