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Unicorn Party

Unicorn Party -6yr- Unicorn Necklaces




Peggy in Minneapolis, MN - USA


March 2004


Honorable Mention

My daughter was turning six and wanted to have a unicorn birthday. 

I ordered unicorn themed invites, plates, cups….from Birthday Express.  She was thrilled.  I found a horse/unicorn cake pan online and decorated it in white, pink, purple and teal.  I added a jewel flower garland around the unicorn's neck and it turned out great.  

When I started planning the party I knew that my daughter and her friends loved crafts. So, I traced designs of unicorns, a castle and a rainbow on shrinky dink paper.  Then I bought some beads, cording and clasps.  The girls sat down and colored the designs on the shrinky dink material (I made them so that when they were baked they would shrink down to the approx. size of a charm).  I baked them.  They beaded the necklaces and added the shrinky dink charms.  They loved creating their own special unicorn themed necklace.

Most of the girls had never done shrinky dinks so they thought they were pretty cool.   We had lunch and then moved on to the best part of the party.  I made each of the girls a princess hat out of foam.  I cut off sections of a white boa and glued them around the bottom of the pointed princess hat.  I also added tule ribbon as well as satin ribbon coming out of the top of the hat so they really did look like princess' when they put them on. 

I showed them a poster that I had made that looked like a horse.  I explained to them that this horse used to be a unicorn.  Then I told them to imagine that our house was a castle and that there was a princess who lived there (meaning them) who had a pet unicorn.  But, I added, there was also a mean witch who lived in the castle and while the unicorn was eating in the garden, the witch had come and taken away all the things that made him magical.  

I explained that he needed their help in getting back his magical mane, tail, lucky horseshoes, jeweled fur, horn and feed bag (that contained his magical food).  I sprinkled each girl with some clear confetti and told them that they were now invisible from the mean witch that was still haunting the castle.  She could not see them but could hear them so they had to be quiet and keep a look out for her.  I had made each girl her own special clue and told them that we would take turns finding all the magical pieces of the unicorn. 

When each girl found the missing piece they would also find 7 goodies. These were gifts for each princess and the princess who had the clue (or whose turn it was) was in charge of handing out the goodies. I gave out the clues one at a time and told the girl who had the clue that when she found the missing piece she had to come back to the poster and tape it on the horse.  Once she did that, I gave out the next clue.  That way, all the girls were involved in looking for each piece and listened carefully to each clue. I had hid seven bags around the house. 

The girls took turns finding the bags and handing out the goodies.  I had also given them each a small bag with their name on it so that they could keep their goodies with them as they travelled around looking for the goodies and missing pieces.  The girls had a blast running around the house looking for the bags.  The best part was that my husband dressed up as the witch and roamed the house (he knew where the bags were). I told the girls the witch couldn't touch them because they were invisible.  I didn't think they would even notice the witch - but it was amazing how they were always looking for the witch and being extra quiet so the witch wouldn't hear them.  

Once all the pieces of the unicorn were recovered and taped on the poster, the witch melted my husband screamed and had his wig, hat and cloak on the floor in a heap.  They loved the fact that they had beaten the witch.  We also had a unicorn pinata.  It was a great party and the girls were thrilled.

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