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Unicorn Party

Unicorn Party -4yr- Unicorn Ring Toss




Sara in Little Chute, WI  USA


Feb 2003


Special Mention

Unicorn Party-4 Years Old  I started with a picture of a unicorn as my inspiration for all the other decorating ideas.   

The invitations were a picture of the unicorn on the front that read "You're Invited".  The inside read you are invited to my fourth birthday party,  At our mystical palace on Friday the seventh day of February.  Dinner and dessert will be served at 6:00pm.  Hope to see you there.  Love, _________.  I used this unicorn to make little stickers for the treat bags.  I purchased all different colored lunch bags at WalMart and had the kids stick my home made stickers on along with the childs name (I printed them off the computer also).  Inside the treat bags were a bag of Bugles with a tag (made on the computer) that read "Unicorn Horns", A pack of unicorn stickers, A coloring page of a unicorn (scanned into the computer and printed on it "Thank you for coming to my 4th birthday party! Love,________", A small container of bubbles(bought a pack of 30 of them at Target and printed little labels that read "Happy 4th birthday ______" with a picture of the unicorn on it & glued them around the bottles)and Unicorn horn suckers(purchased online). 

The decorations were made with white sparkling garland from christmas.  I made a carousel looking thing that hung from the ceiling.  It was a styrofoam ring wrapped with the white garland and hung from the ceiling with the same garland.  I purchased unicorn ornaments on major clearence online and hung five of them from the bottom of the ring with fishing line.  It looked like the unicorns were flying.  Then I made a little sign and hung it inside with fishing line, Happy 4th Birthday __________.  I also printed signs on the computer and pasted them to tagboard and hung them from the ceiling with fishing line along with three unicorns hanging with the fishing line.  I printed the words "magical", "beautiful" and 'unicorns" on the computer and pasted them to tagboard and hung with three more unicorn ornaments with the fishing line.  I hung around all of that some white garland also.  On the tables I put purple and pink table cloths and set some Beanie Baby unicorns on the tables for center pieces. 

The cake was a carousel.  I made two round cakes and placed one on top the other an frosted them white with pink around the outside.  I placed 5 unicorns around the outside on top(facing the outside also).  I placed a stick wrapped in foil in the center a little taller than the unicorns.  I used tule ribbon to go from the unicorn to the stick and kept doing the same all around until it looked like a carousel.  The topper was a big number 4 I made on the computer that sais Happy 4th birthday__________.  I placed it right in the center at the very top.  Then at the end I sprinkled glittery decorating sugar all over it.   

I also made some cupcakes for the kids and printed some of my unicorn pictures off on the computer and taped them to a toothpick and stuck them in the top of the cupcakes.  To present them I put them on the platter in the shape of the number 4.  I put a bowl of bugles on the table for the guests that read "unicorn horns".  For the kids we played pass the unicorn (like hot potato), Musical chairs to a unicorn song, Unicorn horn toss(I covered a play cone with paper and had my daughter decorate it, wrapped some rings from the swimming pool with sparkly ribbon)and had the kids take turns tossing them to see how many they could get, Pin the horn on the unicorn(made a unicorn head out of tagboard and a bunch of horns with the kids name on them)and

We read the book "The Unicorn With No Horn".  For supper we had pizza delivered, and I made unicorn horn breadsticks to munch on.  I took refrigerated breadstick dough and twisted them into unicorn horns.  Before everyone left, I cut down a unicorn ornament from the ceiling and gave one to each family to use on their christmas tree and remember _____'s birthday every year.  Another party game ideas for older kids is unicorn relay.  Use a uicorn or horse on a stick to have the kids race eachother.  It was a very fun party and it was neat because the kids really helped a lot with the decorating.  Hope you have fun! Good Luck!

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