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Unicorn Party

Unicorn Party -6yr- Unicorn Treat Bucket




Denise in Bainbridge, PA, USA


December 2004


Honorable Mention

Horses and Unicorns Party  For her 6th birthday, our daughter wanted to have a horse and unicorn party. She loves both of these now and she had to have both. This could have become a problem, but I just had to get creative!!

For decorations, I made a barn out of a large cardboard box which was spray painted red. I cut out a door and put white tape in an "X" on the door to make it look realistic. I also put a window in it. The roof was made of cardboard covered with foil. The barn made a cut decoration with our daughter's 18 dolls dressed in western cloths and the horse that goes with them.  Many people commented on the barn. I borrowed several haybales from a neighbor. These made good room dividers for our church's fellowship hall and it also gave the right atmoshere. On one haybale, we placed our friend's horses saddle. The kids loved taking turns in the saddle and our daughter sat in it with all the children (25 of them) who had attended the party.

GAMES: We played several games. 1-Pin the horn on the unicorn, I had found a great one at the dollar store that had a unicorn with a castle in the background. The horns were rainbow stickers and I had purchsed two, so that we would have the right number of horns. I wrote the names of all the children on the horns before the party. The children did this while blindfolded. 2-Stick Horse Relays, We divided the group in half and had two horses. At the start, the first child on each team raced down the marked area, around a chair and back to their team. They passsed the horse to the next person and on. The children loved this game! and they didn't stop when the horses were at the first person. It was great.

Next, the children tried 3-Roping. We had two lassos and two fisher price plastic rocking horses (borrowed from the church nursery). The children had fun trying and a few made it. We also played 4-Horseshoe toss. For this game, we had a galvanized bucket with cardboard horseshoe covered in foil. The children took turns trying to toss the horseshoes into the bucket. They all had a great time doing this.

5-Horse, horse, unicorn This game is played like duck, duck, goose and it was fun. Lastly we played, 6-Prancing ponies. Each of the children chose a partner. At the starting line, one child in the front and the second child in the back, each making a pony. All the pairs, raced to the other side of the room and the people switched who was in the front and back. Then they raced back to where they started. This was fun, but a bit chaotic due to the large number of children at our party.

I had more games planned but we ran out of time. Those games were 7-Barrel Racing, where the children would have raced the stick horses around three chairs, similar to the barrel racing in rodeos. A stopwatch would have timed who went the fastest. 8-Unicorn Freeze Dance, where the children would have danced around to music and then frozen when the music stopped. We had the children sit down to eat cake and ice cream.

At this time, the party was winding down and the children had fun playing with the items from the games. I decied that I go overboard with the goody bags, and this year didn't give out prizes for the games. The children didn't even notice that they didn't get prizes for winning.

When the children left, they each took a treat bucket with them. I had painted mini galvanized buckets with yellow Easter grass in them. I called them feed bucktes. Each bucket had 2 horse figures, a mini bubble (that I had placed a horse sticker on), a build a unicorn sticker sheet, and a unicorn notepad. I wrapped them and put nametags on them. The buckets were a GREAT BIG hit. Over all, the party went very well and everyone had a lot of fun. A few moms said that they were going to have me do parties for their children, what a great compliment. We'll see. Happy Partying.

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