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Unicorn Party

Unicorn Party -5yr- Pin The Horn On Unicorn




Melissat in Chester, NJ, USA


Sept 2002


Honorable Mention

A Unicorn Party for a 5 year old girl - This little girl eats, breathes and sleeps unicorns, so it was a delight to help make her dream come true! 

I was dressed as the Princess of the Mystical Forest (long white and silver dress, with a silver/marabou cape and crown)...I even had a unicorn wand.  I found at a craft store for $1.00 a foam Unicorn head project, so after assembling, I attached it to the top of the wand! Once the guests arrived, I turned the girls into unicorns.  I took a plastic white headband and attached a unicorn horn made out of rolled white Xerox paper to each.  I also drew silver spirals on the horns.  Once you place the headband on, you're a unicorn! 

For the boys, I took Harry Potter-themed paper wizard hats, attached a label over the words HARRY POTTER that said "WIZARD" and turned each boy into a wizard of the Mystical Forest.  I also painted rainbows or stars on the cheeks of those who were interested. 

For the birthday girl, I had a "real" unicorn headband made by the Great Pretenders company.  She dressed in pink fairy princess costume and was the Princess Unicorn!  Once everyone had arrived, I started by reading a story called "The Enchanted Unicorn" (but there are several unicorn stories available through amazon.com, and even one from Birthday express). 

Our first party game was Unicorn Freeze Dance.  The unicorns pranced to royal-sounding music, and when it stopped, they froze, and the wizards had to tap them to free them from the spell. 

We then went on to the craft, which was decorating treasure boxes. I ordered them from Oriental trading, spray painted them silver, and let the children attach jewels, foam pieces and unicorn stickers. 

After the craft we had several other party games, including Pin the Horn on the Unicorn (always a hit!) and Unicorn & Friends bingo.  For this I made up bingo cards with pictures I downloaded from the internet of different colored unicorns, a wizard, a forest, a Pegasus, a centaur and a fairy.  I gave each child a bag of M&MS to use as markers (I considered using Bugles corn snacks as unicorn horns, but M&MS were requested!. We played twice - the first time they put the M&M on the picture and the second time they took it off and ate it!  When their card was empty they won! But they all won at the same time, because they all had all of the pictures, just in different places! 

Another game was Unicorn Ring Toss.  I printed out a picture from the internet of a unicorn, enlarged it to fill up an 8 1/2 by 11 sheet of paper and laminated it.  I then cut a hole where its horn begins, and put it over a traditional ring toss base.  Now it looked as though the ring toss stick was the unicorn's horn!  They used traditional ring toss rings to try and land around the horn!  Another activity was Unicorn Races.  We used two Stick unicorns (one was actually a stick horse with a paper horn!) and we played relay-style, going from one end of the room and back again, handing your unicorn to the next player. 

Another game planned (but not played, since we ran out of time in the two hours!!) was Pass the Unicorn, using a unicorn beanie baby and royal music.  All in all, the birthday girl was on Cloud Nine!

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