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Unicorn Party

Unicorn Birthday -6yr- Unicorn Pony Ride




Lee in Albuquerque New Mexico usa


Jan. 2004


Honorable Mention

Unicorn and medieval theme for my daughter's 6th birthday celebration.  I found beautiful unicorn art images on line and designed my own invitation (adobe illustrator). 

The invitations asked the children to come in medieval costumes if possible and listed the activities. We downloaded unicorns, fairies and dragon coloring pages.  We colored the pages and mounted them on construction paper and filled up the walls in the main party room. We also made unicorn horns for all the guests to wear for the unicorn race. I went to Lazy Boy furniture outlet and picked up some big boxes to create a Unicorn castle maze.  I used good old duck tape and a sharp knife to connect the boxes together.

Pony parties by Lazy River Pony (www.lazyriverpony.com) We have a white medium sized pony.  We turned the pony into a unicorn and decorated his tack to match the theme.  We also have a miniature horse that pulls a carriage (we made him into a unicorn and decorated the carriage to match the theme).  SO when the children arrived we gave them rides on the unicorn and unicorn royal carriage rides. We took a digital photo of each child.  We then painted unicorns and dragons on their faces. 

The pizza and drinks (in the golden jeweled goblets) were served.  We played unicorn ring toss, tried our hand at jousting, unicorn race, then on to the dragon and unicorn pi±atas.  I found some great affordable favors from oriental trading post. 

For the girls; canvas unicorn tote bags, unicorn plush toy, bracelets, pencils and jeweled golden goblets (birthday party express).

For the boys; knight goodie bags, pencils, bugs, rainbow flying discs, inflatable swords and golden jeweled goblets.  My daughter opened presents and we had a beautiful unicorn cake made by my sister.  (I found the horse/unicorn cake pan on line from CAKE ART. I used the cake mold to make unicorn ice for the punch.  Mean while we printed the photos of the party guests riding the unicorn.  We had card board(from the pizza), construction paper, colored popsicle sticks, unicorn coloring pages, dragon coloring pages, colored pencils, small foam shapes, sequences and glue.  The guests made frames for the pictures to take home. 

We then played pin the horn on the unicorn and a fun dice game called bunco.  We invited 4 of the girls to sleep over.  After the other guests were picked up we transformed the party room into a unicorn disco dance party.  We had a disco rotating light, two disco balls, grooving music and the girls put on make up and dress up clothes.  Then we piled into the van and made a trip to Krispy Kreme Doughnuts We dazzled the spectators everyone got a free "hot now" doughnut and we took a couple of dozen home for the morning snack. 

We went home and prepared the bed room for the sleep over We set the TV up and played Nico the unicorn and the last unicorn until all were sleeping soundly. This is one birthday that we will never forget.  Thanks to the help of the internet and all my hours of searching for the unicorn theme plates, napkins, balloons, pi±atas, coloring pages, and cake pan.  Good luck to all the parents giving their child the best party memories possible.

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