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Unicorn Party

Unicorn Party - Unicorn Sun Catcher




Chloe in Austin,Tx,USA


October 2004


Honorable Mention

Unicorn Birthday   This idea came from Birthday Express, the "fairy-tale unicorn" partyware.

We bought the invitions, thank yous, stuffed unicorns, stickers, cake topper, spiral lollipops, sun catcher activity, pin the tail on the unicorn game, and unicron mylar balloon from that site. We put glitter confetti in with the invitations.  On the outside of the house we had a sign that said "Unicorn Crossing". Glitter was sprinkled all along the path to the door. The entry way was draped with purple streamers and silver star garland that the girls had to walk through to enter.

Once they were inside they were sprinkled with glitter and sent to have their faces painted with a unicorn of their color choice. (I just painted them from the neck up, its easier that way) They could also have their hair tied back with a purple ribbon into a "pony tail".   The kitchen was set up for the unicorn sun catcher activity. There was a pink tablecloth over the table with glitter sprinkled over it. We set up the actvity and in keepeing with the theme, tied purple sparkly curling ribbon to each paint brush.

We set up some refreshments on the counter for the girls to snack on while they painted their sun catchers and waited for others to finish. Everything was pink, silver. and purple- pink punch served in silver cups, silver plates with a unicorn sticker on each, star shaped cookies with pink and purple frosting, grapes and watermelon, pink dip (picante sause and cream cheese) with chips and bugles(horns). 

Next we played the pin the tail on the unicorn game. Each girl won a prize, the spiral lollipops.(unicorn horns)   Next we had cake which was served in the dining room. Each chair had a purple bow tied to it and a purple and silver helium balloon. ( the birthday girl also had the unicorn mylar balloon) The tablecloth was purple with glitter (of course) sprinkled all over. Silver stars attatched to purple ribbon were hanging fro the ceiling. The plates and mapkins were lavendar.

Each napkin had the girl's name written on it with a silver sharpie for a monogrammed look. The cake was the centerpiece. It was a double layer round cake with purple icing and a white trim with the unicorn topper on top. We also served strawberry icecream with purple sprinkles in little dessert bowls.We had silver plastic goblets with purple half-marbles hot glued on. 

Each plate had a number written on the bottom, this indicated the order in which they got to select a present ( I had enough for each girl and had previously wrapped them in, you guessed it, purple paper with a silver bow) The presents included glitter pens, hair accessories, note pads, bubble bath, and nail polish. We used the same numbers to decide the order in which the presents were given.

We finished the party by taking a group photo and individual photos with the birthday girl in front of the sparkly entry way. These photos were sent in the thank yous. The favors were inside purple gift bags (found real cheap at local grocery store) and include the stuffed unicorns, unicorn stickers, their spiral lollipops, a hair scrunchie for their "pony tails", and a glittery pencil.

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