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Transformers Party

Transformers Party -6yr- Transformer Missions




Kris in Gilbert, AZ US


July 2008


Special Mention

My son has been fascinated with the Transformers since the movie came out last year. We got a great start with some ideas from this site and then transformed" it to meet our individual needs. 

Invitations:  We made the invitations using a template we found online that folded over to form an autobot mask.  Used grey cardstock for the outside and red inside.  It said: Austin's turning 6!  Come witness the transformation and join him on a mission to capture the Allspark and defeat the Decepticons. Report date:xx Report time:xx Base Location: (our address) Instructions: If you choose to accept this mission please contact the base commander by xx.  It took way more work than I anticipated to cut these out and get them lined up so the wording didn't show thru the eyes of the mask but we got lots of compliments on how cool they were. 

Decorations: We didn't do any special decorations. 

Activities:  We let the kids free play for the first half hour.  Then they did an Optimus Prime pinata.   Then we gathered them together and said  you all are autobots the good guys right? In order to defeat Megatron and capture the Allspark your leader Optimus Prime has given me orders to read to you.  Are you ready?  In the movie they say drivers don't pick their cars cars pick their drivers. So here's what car picked you (Handed out a picture of Autobot to each child.  Glued on the back was an envelope with a picture of their robot in vehicle form.  I had cut it into four puzzle pieces). Here is a picture of each of your transformers in robot form.  Don't take them out yet but on the back are four puzzle pieces that will transform your robot to a vehicle. 

You'll have to complete four missions. Once you have all 4 tasks done we'll come back to base and get your puzzle pieces so you can transform into your vehicle.  Once EVERYONE completes their puzzle which transforms them into their vehicle Optimus Prime will give orders to transform and roll out. Then you'll get the clues to find where the Allspark is hidden.  Also you must work as a team.  Everyone must complete every part of the mission.  If someone can't complete something then someone else must help.  That's what a team does right?  Is everyone ready for the 4 missions? 

Ok Mission#1: Barricade bomb.   Everyone has to bomb Barricade(a laminated picture of Barricade taped to wall) with 4 water balloons. 

Mission #2: Ice Megatron Remember how Megatron was frozen in the movie?  We want him to stay frozen right? Each person has to scoop up one cup full of ice and carry it down to the Hoover Dam and pour it over Megatron.(A toy Megatron was in a tub at one end of the yard and they had to scoop ice out of a cooler and run down to dump it on Megatron).  

Mission#3: Energy Crystals I told them "This was not in the movie but from the old Transformer cartoon.  The transformers could get energy from energon spheres but only the blue ones will give you energy.  Reach into the bucket and find a blue one so you'll have enough power to find the Allspark."(I had a tub with glass beads in water with dishwashing liquid bubbles that covered the surface so they couldn't see the bottom) They liked this way more than I thought they would…wanted to keep looking even after they found their blue energon sphere. 

Mission#4: Infection "You've been infected with atomic metal eating rust.  You must eat this cure so that all of your energy is not depleted. Once you've eaten the cure go back to base to get your puzzle pieces to complete your puzzle and transform to a vehicle".    Kids ran inside and did their puzzles.  Once everyone was done Optimus birthday boy gives order to transform and roll out.

Then we handed them the frst clue. Here are your clues to where the Allspark is hidden but watch out for Frenzy.  He might be lurking around(my husband hid and chased them at various times with picture of Frenzy printed from computer). 

#1 If you want to find the Allspark it's not hard to see you'll find the first clue where you'd put in the movie.(hidden at VCR)

#2 To find the cube you must look far and deep for the next clue go where Austin's head rests when he sleeps.(hidden under son's pillow)

#3 Transformers live among us hidden in plain sight go into Jordan's room and look toward the light.(hidden near other son's night light)

#4 The Decepticons are getting really close to defeat find this clue where you wipe your feet.(hidden under welcome mat)

#5 The Allspark is almost in your grasp for this clue is your very last.  With Transformers there's more that meets the eye.  Go to the place where clothes get dry. (hidden in the dryer small Allspark bought at party store) 

FOOD: Did the party in the morning so we didn't serve food or snacks.  Decorated an ice cream cake with transformer toys. 

FAVORS: I like to spend the most money on favors because I think it is important to the kids (and I get tired of all the little junky things my kids bring home) so I bought gift bags and decorated them with Transformer stickers.  Inside we put the candy from the pinata a transformers book(level 2 reader) found these on closeout since movie came out last year a 100 pc transformer puzzle that I purchased online at closeout and a transformer keychain(because I know the kids love to put those on their backpacks). Those things had a retail value of $10-12 per kid but I got them for about half of that because I found them on sale.  I just had to start early(about 2 months in advance).  Seemed like the kids had fun.  I asked my son his favorite part and he said water balloons and pinata!  "

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