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Transformers Party

Transformers Party -4yr- Transformer Games




jamie in bellevile, mi us


February 2008


Honorable Mention

My son loves the Transformer movie that just came out in 2007.We decided to base his Transformer party on the movie.

For Invitations we just used store bought Transformer invites.I just added This party is more than meets the eye!"

For Decorations I used red, blue, red and black streamers and blue plastic ware.I found all kinds of Transformer decorations at BirthdayDirect which included platesnapkinskeepsake cups with cup clips and strawstablecovercenterpiecebann erprinted crepe streamers and these really cool pop-up activity placemates.I also used all of my sons Transformer toys to help set the mood.I found a personalized banner at BirthdayExpress.

Ialso went online and found the Decepticon and Autobot logo's and enlargend them on a poster board and hung up.I then painted another poster board using the block lettering form Transformers saying "More than meets the eye!I used red poster board and painted the letters blue and sprinkled blue glitter over them.I ordered a Bumble Bee and Optimus Prime Standee to greet kids as they entered the party(ebay).

As kids arrived I had them build a Transformer micro model which I purchased from BirthdayDirect.Once all the kids arrived and built their model we started with the games.Game 1- earn a car. I explained that in the movie Sam had to get 3 A's and save $2000 in order for his dad to help him buy a car.So for the 1st part of the game they had to earn 3 A's.(answer 3 Transformer questions each)They were aloud to help each other.After they earned their 3 A's they had to earn $2000.I purchased a bunch of things that represented Sams Great Grandfather the famouse explore.I put $amounts on each item and then hid them all over our back yard.

The kids had to find the items in the total amount of $2000.The things I used were mustaches worth $50plastic canteen's worth $200a lantern(Harry Potter)worth $1500 plastic eye glasses(Harry Potter)worth $20mini compases worth $500telescopes $500binoculars worth $500 and whistles worth $50.Before the kids started their hunt I gave each of them a Transformer treat bag to put their things in.When they found their $2000 worth of things I gave them their Transformer money that I made.In center of bills I put the Autobot logo and in each coner I had $500. I also used block letters and printed Transformer along the bottom of each.

Each child got 4 bills which they got to keep along with the things they found.Now they had the money and the A's to purchase their cars. I explained to them that a driver does not pick his car a car picks his driver.(a line from the movie)I purchased a pull-back race car activity from Birthday Express. It came with wood pull-back carspaintburshes and stickers. I had the kids spread out in a line in the driveway. I pulled back the car and whoever it went to that person got the car.Tehn I told them that they get to paint it now. They were very happy about that part!I had my sons Transformer cars on the table so they could copie them or they could make their own design.While their cars were drying we moved on to the next game.

Game 2 Find the Allsparke before the Decepticons due! I purchased 5 paris of giant sun glasses from the Dollar store and put a little map on the lens.The glasses represent Sam's Great Grandfathers glasses from the movie.I put the kids in 5 groupseach group had a different map that led to an Allsparke.For the Allsparke I used 5 small boxespainted them silver to look like the Allsparke.In each box was a prize for each kid in that group.Prize was alittle Transformer puzzle cube.(BirthdayDirect)

Game 3- Obstical course.Each of them had to run through a little obsticale course holding onto a little homemade Allsparke.(large foam dice rapped in tinfoil)They had to get the Allsparke to high grounds before the Decepticons try getting it!They had to walk across a long narrow piece of woodclimb through a large boxspray a Decepticon (poster of megatron)with silly stringcrawl through a foldup tunnel and then climb up the top of our slide.After each child did this they got a tattoo of a lighting bolt from my husband.

Game 4- Find the pieces of the Allsparke.I explained that Sam had droped the cube and it broke to pieces.The Autobots need your help to find the pieces.I blew up about 50 red and blue balloons.I put a little key chain candy filled Allsparke(dollerstore)in some of the balloonsenought for each child.The children had to pop the balloons to find their piece of the Allsparke.They had a lot of fun poping the rest of the balloons at the end of the game.I told them that they must take their piece home with them so that way the Decepticons can never find all the pieces and put it back together and use it for bad things.

Game 5- save Bumble Bee. I used my sons cyber stomping Bumble Bee and tied strings all over him.I told the kids that the special agents from sector 7 have traped Bumble Bee.Optimus Prime needs them to save Bumble Bee.When they brought me their string they got a sheet of Transformer stickers.

Game 6- Decepticons vs Autobots. Isplit the kids into 2 groups. Each child had a balloon tied to their ankle.Some red and some blue.The red team were Decepticons and the blue team Autobots.They had to try popping the other teams balloons without getting their balloon popped.The team that popps all the other teams balloons wins.no prizes were giving for this game.We then did the pinata which was Optimus Prime.Then we calmed down to eat.I just served pizza and salad.Thats what my son picked.Then came the cake and ice cream. I made the cake myself.I purchased an Optimus Prime cake topper from BirthdayExpress.The cake was blue with some red flames to match Optimus Prime.We then opened presents.Some parents were strating to come pick up their kids so while we waited for the rest of parents to come we played pin the cube in Megatrons chest.I printed a picture of megatron off the coumputer and had it blown up to poster board size.I cut out of paper little Allsparks With each kids name on it and they tried to see who could come the closest.As kids walked out the door I gave them a favor box.Each box had a thank you card large transformer gummies(BirthdayExpress)Transformer lollipop toppersTransformer blowouts and a paper Transformer mask. Everyone had such a good time and I promised parents that I would post it on this website.  "

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