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Transformers Party

Transformers Party - Top Secret Folder Favor




Lia in Demorest, Georgia


January 2009


Honorable Mention

My son choose to have a Transformer themed party which turned into a partial sleepover.

The invitations were shaped like the autobot symbol. We wrote out our guest list and separated the children into teams, Autobots and Decepticons. The invitation read; You have been choosen for battle. Report Time XXX Date XXX Location XXX.If you choose to accept this mission report to (Megatron or Optimus)XXX-XXX-XXXX.We gave each child a character and a sheet that gave different personality trait of every character along with the invitation. 

For decoration, we setup mini-stations (crafts like decorate your own transformer calenders,doorknokers,book marks...face-painting,remote control battling robots,one had take home gifts like chuckie cheese tokens, small toys, masks, glow sticks, candy... another station had different game tools like immunity cards walkie talkies...) We covered each station with red or purple tablecloths and printed out signs for each.

We took streamers and hung them around the celing,between the streamers we tied a rope of ballons. Our main color scheme was purple, red and silver.We bought the transformer Birthday banner and the metalic door curtains.To set the mood we replaced the lights with purple and red bulbs and played the soundtrack during the party.

My husband and son took sets of empty boxes, put them together and painted them to look like cars,trucks and transformers(really fun project).We also printed posters and as each guest came in they signed the poster with thier alias.

For our party favors we created a Top Secret" manila folder of cool printouts for each guestinside was an agenda activity sheets a puzzle a picture of their transformer and a papercraft.  Each guest received their folder as they walked in which gave them time to look over their "Mission Details". The first group activity was an ice breaker. Everyone got up one by one and gave clues on which character they were and once everyones character was determined they separated into teams and began competition games.

The reward for each game was a station was openend up. We set up a variety of games including Autobot vs Decepticon Tug of war (Freeze) Energontag(OUT) BEE-Out Three legged Race Balloon relays(we did a chest to chest race with the baloon betwwen them back to backelbow to elbow and had fun with the variations) Memory Bingo Hide N seek (we hid the logos around the yard and the first team to find all there logos wins)toy box scavenger hunt was the most popular we dumped out all the toy boxes and the teams had to find everything on their list A build off/relay(the teams made 3 groups one group took down the boxes blindfolded the next group ran backwards to the build team and the build team put it back together. After one piece is brought the group switch places.The first team to put it back together right won.)

We also let the kids color pictures and paste strips of streamer on the side and bottom of a cereal box we filled it with candy to create our own cereal box pinatas then they got to burst them and collect the candy from them. We had a dance off and a bop-it playoff. We also let the kids recreate their own transformer video and while they ate they enjoyed watching themselves.

For cake we made cupcakes and put them in the shape of the teams logos. We made pizzawingschipssugar cookiesand subs for food and had two bowls of koolaid (cherry and grape). We ended the party with a circle where we sat down and created our own ending to the Transformer movie we took a jewlrey box we called the energon cube and passed it around the circle and everyone added there part to the story.

For the sleepover guest we had a movie marathon and called it a night.The best part is we did all of this for about $50. Hope this helps!   I got my printouts from:  Hasbro.com.

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