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Transformers Party

Transformers Party -8yr- Pin the Transformer






November 2007



My son wanted a Transformer party for his 8th birthday, and after checking this site for ideas I came up empty handed which forced me to use my own mind...yikes!  Inspite of my ideas being last minute (literally the day before the party), the party was a smash! 

Invitations weren't anything extraordinary, just store bought Transformer cards which also came with Thank You postcards. 

I let my son pick out a Transformer cartoon from Blockbuster to play while the kids arrived. 

We began with a game I called Guess Who."  I found printable pictures of 8 different Transformers online which I color printed and mounted on coordinating colored cardstock.  Each child received a Transformer notebook (which came with cool 3-D glasses to view the cover picture in 3-D) and a mechanical pencil.  They were to write down the correct name of each Transformer especially for my 3 year old son who knew the name of every single one! 

Next we played a game along the lines of Pin the Tail on the Donkey.  I found a Transformer poster that had pictures of 5 different Transformers.  I printed small pictures (found online) of each of the 5 robots and the kids were to stick the small pictures on the correct Transformer on the poster while blindfolded.  It was a success with one child getting all 5 right! 

The next game was a game of BINGO however I had changed the cards to read BINJO.  I explained this as Transformer BINJO where each letter stood for the first initial of a Transformer's name:  B for BUMBLEBEE I for IRONHIDE N for NEMESIS PRIME J for JAZZ and O for OPTIMUS PRIME.  Each time I read a letter and number I called out the Transformer's name instead of just the letter (ex. BUMBLEBEE 7 instead of B7).  The kids loved this even correcting me the couple of times I forgot to say the Transformer's name! 

I served up red velvet cupcakes with dark blue frosting representing the vivid colors of Optimus Prime and placed an Allspark Cube party favor on each cupcake that I had found at the party store.  The cube was a hit!  It was also a puzzle that transformed into different pictures of Transformers.  I used blue cups and plates and red napkins and each place setting had a Transformers party hat and gift bag.  After eating my son opened his presents and then gave each child a present which was a generic transforming robot that I had found at the dollar store.

 Initially I had planned to let them open up the robots and have races to see who could transform them the quickest but with time running out we headed down to the basement for the Optimus Prime pinata…a great way to release their energy from the cupcakes and ice cream sugar rush! 

After their gift bags were filled with candy I let them finish watching the Transformer cartoon while they waiting for their parents to pick them up.  The boys were so excited with all the things they went home with and had such a good time.  Parents later commented on how much fun their boys had and some asked where I came up with the ideas…for once I didn't have to give credit to others!  I still directed them to this website and told them I'd post the party on it as soon as possible.  Thank you to everyone for ideas in the past…and definitely ideas for the future!"

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