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Tinkerbell Party

Tinkerbell 4yr - Decorate Treasure Chest




Laura in Arlington, TN


April 2008


Honorable Mention

Both my children tell me right after their birthday what they want to do next year.. For my daughter's 4th birthday she wanted a Tinkerbell Party! I knew she wouldn't change her mind, so I was able to prepare for a long time! I searched the internet and pulled a little from here and there to create the best Tinkerbell party for my little fairy!  I had both boys and girls coming so I used the Fairy theme for the girls and pirates for the boys. 

Invitation:  For invintations I wanted to get some real cute ones made, but my daughter spotted the premade ones at Walmart and wanted them so badly I couldn't say no.  So, we used those and added some fairy dust (glitter) to all of them.  Decorations:  When the arrived I had a banner made from butcher paper hanging on the porch that said Welcome to Neverland.  I also had a bubble machine blowing bubbles on the porch ( Walmart ). My daughter was dressed as Tinkerbell and my  2 year old son was Captain Hook.  I found both costumes on clearance after Halloween at the Disney Store. 

Decorations and Activities:  Once  inside our house Neverland was EVERYWHERE!   Each station was labeled with a small sign and every doorway had rainbow colored crape paper.  1st. ..all the kids meet in Tinkerbell's Garden.  I had pink/purple tule, white lights, fake rose petals, flowered pillows, and my daughters Tinkerbell Canopy set up around the fireplace. 

I told the kids Captain Hook had stolen the birthday treasure and we had to use the clues to find it.  Each child got dressed in his/her fairy tale outfit at our first station (garden).  I bought the girls fairy wings and skirts from the local Dollar Tree.  The boys had pirate hats, patches, and swords from a Oriental Trading and Dollar Tree.  I also gave each child a small drawstring bag from Oriental Trading to carry around to collect their goodies.   

Our first clue said to go to Indian Camp.  In the back corner of the den my husband and I used brown butcher paper and a circle close hamper.  We hung the hamper upside down from the ceiling and duct taped the butcher paper from the top all the way to the floor.  Our ceilings are high so it was very dramatic to see.  It looked like a huge Tent!  Inside I made a little fire with the butcher paper and cardboard.  My husband sat in the back of the tent (dressed like an Indian) each child took turns going into to get their Pirate tattoo. 

Then he gave them their next clue to go to Pirates Cove.  This was my favorite one!  I saved a huge box from Christmas and we cut  it into a Pirate Boat and spray painted it black.  I put this in the dining room next to the table.  The kids could climb in and out of the ship and play in it.  At the dining room station I sat out small  cardbord treasure boxes from Michael's *hearts, circles, square shapes ones*.  In the middle of the table I put a variety of jewels, stickers, markers, and glue.  Each child got to decorate his/her own treasure chest. 

Our last clue was to go to Mermaid Cove.   This station was in our kitchen.  We took a variety of blues and green crape paper and hung them from the ceiling .. It swooped down off the window and then hung to the floor.  I also placed my kids fish stuffed animals around on the floor.  When you entered the waterfall the kids found the treasure chest in the corner.  We opened the treasure box and put the goodies in our bags.

Food:   After our hunt we had cake and food.  My husband cut a watermelon into a pirate ship (soo cute) and we put fruit in it ( I labeled it Hook's Fruit Boat).  We had jeweled cookies (m&m's) ,  and Peter Pan Punch.  Since Mermaid Cove was in the kitchen I carried the theme of Fish into the food.  I had various summer fish plates, bowls, for all the food. 

At the table area I wanted to create a magical feel for the Birthday Cake that was more Tinkerbell.  I draped pink and purple tulle from the light and out.  I put white Christmas lights inside the draped part and hung hearts and stars down from the light fixture.  My daugheter loved setting her Tinkerbell goodies on the table (hats, plates, etc.) 

After cake and ice cream we opened presents.  I let the Birthday girl sit in her canopy and each friend got to bring his/her gift to her and sit next to her on the flowered pillow. She had a great time and told me afterwards it was the best birthday ever!  We are already planning the next party!  It was a lot of work, but knowing she will remember this birthday and looks so forward to them each year makes it worth the work!

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