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Tinkerbell Party

Tinkerbell Party 6yr - Fairy Dust Necklace




Carla in Downers Grove, IL  USA


January 2007


Honorable Mention

Tinkerbell Birthday Party:  for my daughter's 6th birthday party she chose Tinkerbell.  We used the party invitations from the store. 

For decorations, she helped me cover her chair with pink and green nylon netting and ribbons.  She loved doing this!  We also hung puple, hot pink and lavender streamers and balloons all over the house.  It looked very girly and lovely. She also wore a Tinkerbell costume.  She looked so cute!  When the girls first arrived, my daughter led them into my family room where they received a makeover. 

Another mom helped me paint their nails and they each picked their favorite color of nail polish (I had several bottles with disney characters and tinkerbell on the bottles) and a tiny sticker for their fingernails.  I had 4 of my daughters little mirrors at the makeup table.  They each received a dab of eye shadow and lip gloss and some fairy powder (glittery blush)on their cheeks.  I made a flower wreath for each girl using fake flowers from Hobby Lobby, I hot glued the flowers to green chenille stems. 

I also made a fairy dust necklace using little cork bottles I bought on line at the minitature store.  I filled them with fairy dust and stuck a headpin I bought at Michaels into the cork and tied a ribbon around it. After their makeover each girl received their flower wreath and fairy dust necklace to wear and take home with them. 

Then they  went to the craft table where I had  laid out 11 purple, pink and white craft foam fairy wands I had bought at Michaels and several bottles of different colored glitter glue and I also had plastic wine and champagne glasses I had bought at Factory Card Outlet and some flower sticker, stick on jewels and permanent markers to decorate the glasses. They did a beautiful job and the wands looked great with the glitter glue on them and my daughter loves to drink out of her beautifully decorated glass.   The girls were really excited about the party so far and kept asking if they could take the stuff home.  Of course I said they could. 

For the games I had taken a coloring page of Tinkerbell and had it blown up quite large and painted it and made pink wands out of construciton paper with each girls name on it.  They played pin the wand on Tinkerbell and they each got a prize.  Prizes included candy hearts, little lipsticks, ring pops, stick on jewelry, writing pad, Lisa Frank stuff from Walgreens, little Disney dolls, etc. 

They then played I believe in fairies.  In this game, one player is deemed Tinker Bell and given a magic wand, and the others all run off.  When kids are tagged with the wand, they had to go to the couch and clap their hands and say I believe in fairires" 10 times before the're free again.  They loved this game and each girl had a turn being the fairy.  They also loved going after my 8 year old son and getting him to say I believe in fairies. 

They also played musical pillows (like musical chairs) using Disney music but instead of having a child be out of the game for not having a pillow to sit on the object is everyone had to crowd onto the pillows that were remaining.  All the girls ended up on one pillow.  The girls loved this game and were laughing a lot.  

They played Hot Fairy also.  They each got a prize for each game.  I had other games planned but we ran out of time.  They then had pizza chocolate covered strawberries oranges grapes and chocolate covered pretzels with sprinkles on them.  They had apple juice and pink lemonade to drink.  And of course a cake with a Tinkerbell cake ornament on it from the grocery store and ice cream. 

I used the Tinkerbell plates napkins tablecover and cups I had set the dining room table with before the girls arrived.  I also had  abowl of pastel skittles sitting out and one of the girls filled up her wine glass with the skittles!  I also had little drink umbrellas laying on the counter and the girls seemed to really like playing with them.  After lunch they had a pull string pinata. 

My daughter opened her presents and each girl went home with a Tinkerbell cup and in it was a Tinkerbell pencil sharpner pixie sticks bubbles (I bought at Hobby Lobby in the wedding section and put Tinkerbell stickers on them) and a small Tinkerbell wand.  Before the party I had put small green handle gift bags with each girl's name on them so that after they got a prize their pinata candy they put their stuff in their bag with their name on it. 

So when it was time to leave they had to get their wine and champagne glasses their wands which were dry when they left and their goody bag and it all fit in the green gift bag.  Mom's have been telling me all week what a great time their daughters had and how great all the stuff was that they brought home.  It was really a fun theme!"

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