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Tinkerbell Party

Tinkerbell Pixie Hollow 5yr - Fairyland Forest




Jennifer in Phoenix, AZ USA


January 2009


Runner Up

Every year I try to out do the previous birthday. I have 2 children so it gets kind of stressful looking for new ideas. Well I came up with a Pixie Hollow Birthday party for my daughter's 5th birthday. It took a lot of planning but turned out amazing.

For the invitations I looked on the internet for pictures of Tinkerbell and her friends. I traced them onto notebook paper and cut them out. I then traced them onto printer paper and wrote the party information on them (they were like posters). My daughter handed them out at her school to everyone.

DECORATIONS: I collected cardboard of all shapes and sizes. For the outside of my house we decorated the front porch with balloons, and pink and silver aluminum spirals (they were attached to Hannah Montana circles that you hang from the ceiling. I just cut the circles off the end and used the spirals). The carport opening was draped with streamers and the pink and silver aluminum spirals and balloons. We had balloons at the end of the driveway to direct visitors. There was a large cutout of a fairy on the front screen door that I found online.

As the guests entered the front door, the first part of the living room was decorated with cardboard trees on either side of my TV cabinet. The trees were easy to make, you use a large moving box cut open long ways. Trace out the shape of a tree trunk with branches at the top. (If the box is long enough you can cut out the foliage at the top). Cut the trunk out with scissors or box cutters. Then fold the tree trunk slightly in half so it is sturdy and stands on its own. If it won't stand, then after you fold it, tape a piece of left over card board across the back of the bottom of the trunk to hold the two legs together. Then paint a wooden/tree trunk design on the cardboard. I found a few pictures to use as a guide off the internet. There was a fake silk tree decorated with Christmas lights on the other side of the door.

There was a cardboard tree between the couch and recliner by the front window. On the ceiling we taped blue streamers. There were fairies, bugs, and flowers (flowers were made from construction paper and cardboard. Some of the flowers were also cut out of a really cute roll of wrapping paper that had circles and daisies on it) hanging from the ceiling. Cardboard mushrooms, flowers, and fairies were laid strategically around the floor next to the couch, the walls, and the cabinets.

As you entered into the dinning room right off of the living room the two rooms were separated by a curtain made by green streamers and silver and pink aluminum spirals. On this side of the room there were fairies, bugs, and flowers taped to the walls and hanging from the ceiling. The counter and breakfast bar were draped with streamers like vines. Also hung from the counter was a fake grape vine.

The table was covered with a gold table cover and the legs of the table were transformed with cardboard cut out and taped together. The cardboard was painted to look like a tree trunk. My computer desk, which was in the corner, was hidden by a cardboard bush that was painted and cut out in the shape of a bush. The food was laid out on the counter and table. Balloons were every where, on the ceiling and walls and on the edge of the counter and table.

Out side was decorated as well. Our back porch is fenced off into two sections. The first section was the main play area. The fence was draped with streamers and fake flowers. The flower bed was decorated with cardboard fairies, flowers from the dollar store, and cardboard mushrooms. The ceiling was decorated with streamers and balloons filled with fairy dust. (Fill the balloons first with glitter then use a pump or helium tank to blow up the balloons) The balloons were part of a game later. There were also some cardboard trees out side as well.

COSTUMES AND FAVORS: The first table outside was set up for the party hats and costumes. I made fairy wings out of cardboard and tissue paper. I cut out a wing shape and cut out the center of the wings from cardboard. I painted the outline with different shades of paint (each wings had a different color) after the paint dried I glued tissue paper across the back of the wings that will be against the child. I painted over the edges of the tissue paper so you couldn't see the edges. On the front of the wings I added glitter. I cut out strips of pantyhose and tied them to the wings so the wings could be tied to the child.

The boys received a Peter Pan jacket made out of paper grocery bags. I painted them green with patches made out of tissue paper. I added fake leaves and ribbon to make them look more authentic. I cut the center up the front to leave it open and I cut open the sides near the top to make holes for the arms. The boys got peter pan hats made out of paper. I looked up how to make paper hats online. I taped two pieces of green paper long ways and folded them into paper hats. I taped a red feather made out of construction paper to the side.

The girls received fairy halos. I made those out of 3 strips of construction paper each a different color. I taped the top of the paper together and then folded and wrapped two of the colored strips around the last, almost like a braid. After I reached my desired length I folded the extra piece into the halo to use as a size adjuster. I taped ribbon to the back and a daisy cut out of the wrapping paper to hide the part where I started braiding. After the kids got their hats and costumes we proceeded to the first game.

GAMES: The first game was Fairy Ring Toss. I made rings out of cardboard that was covered with strips of construction paper wrapped around in a design. Each child got a turn tossing the rings trying to get theirs around the top of a pole made out of toilet paper rolls that were taped together and painted green. After each child had a turn they moved on to the next game. This game was Mushroom tag. I made a mushroom out of cardboard. The child that was it held the mushroom and chased the other children. Who ever was tagged held the mushroom and chased the children. Each child played until each child had a turn being it.

The next game was pinning the wings on Tinkerbell. I purchased a fairy poster and taped it to my shed door in the back yard. The children each had a turn being spun and trying to tape a set of wings onto Tinkerbell while being blindfolded. After each had a turn we moved onto the patio where each child got to get fairy dusted. Each child took a turn holding a pole with a thumbtack attached to it. They popped 2 balloons each. Only a couple had glitter so it was a game of chance. The child/children that were dusted shook off before coming in the house. After the last game the kids came inside for food and presents.

FOOD: we served a veggie-plate, finger sandwiches, different flavors of Kool-Aid, and tea. I had family and friends bring a finger food item or a drink item.

THE CAKE: The cake was purchased at a local grocery store, but had Tinkerbell on it. Just a simple cake. After the kids were seated with their plates the birthday girl opened her presents. When everyone was finished she handed out the goody bags and thanked everyone. All in all it was a very busy and grand 5th birthday. Adults and children alike had a great time.

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