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Tinkerbell Party

Tinkerbell 4yr - Green Wings & Tulle Skirts




Christi in Conway, AR, U.S.A.


September 2006


Special Mention

For my daughters 4th birthday she decided on a Tinkerbell Party. I expanded the theme to include Peter Pan for the boys that would be coming to the party.

INVITATIONS: I have a Disney Print Shop that I used to create the invites. The background of the invite was light blue with swirls & stars & had a picture of Peter, Wendy & her brothers flying. It said, "Think of the happiest things, it's the same as having wings Come fly with us to ______'s 4th Birthday Party! The magic starts at ____ on _____. Gateway to Neverland is ____. You provide the faith & trust, we'll provide the pixie dust!" At the bottom I scanned in a picture of my daughter in a Tinkerbell costume standing next to a 3 1/2 ft Peter Pan cut out of wood (my Dad did the cut out & I painted it). My daughter loves the Return to Neverland movie but I know not many people are familiar with Jane (Wendy's daughter). I had recorded the 2nd movie off of the Disney Channel & made copies that I included in the invitations.

PARTY- She also insisted on dressing as Jane instead of the cute Tinkerbell costume in which she had her pictures taken. My Mom had made a purple satin "gown" costume just in case this came up on the day of the party. (Thank goodness for Mimi!) Later in the day she even put on white sock (no shoes) like Jane! 

DECORATIONS: I had hung a blue sheet with cotton clouds on the fence to make a backdrop for pictures. Some ferns & large tissue paper flowers were set in front and the kids could have their pictures taken with the Peter Pan cut out or Tinkerbell cut out. The rest of the yard was decorated with different areas of Neverland. We had Mermaid Lagoon- blue tarp hung between two trees & flowed into a kiddie pool complete with mermaids & a bubble machine; the Indian camp- a tepee made out of some wood & a solid color bedsheet, wood stumps to sit on & a small "fire"; and Treasure Island- blue tarps laid out to be water with a wooden plank to cross to get to the Island, blow up crocodiles in the water, a Captain Hook cut out & pirate ship cut out, a treasure chest filled with beads & small bags filled with candy.

ACTIVITIES & COSTUMES: I had planned to read a really cute Peter Pan pop-up book to the kids at the beginning after they had colored the homemade coloring books I had made (Disney printshop & internet downloads) but they were too wild so we skipped ahead to our trip to Neveland. We had to get everyone ready to go to Neverland so I passed out the goodies.

The girls (7 of them) received Tinkerbell green wings (ebay), green tulle skirts (made by my Mom), & fairy wands (purchased at a local party store for $1 each), & Tink bags (ebay, nice plastic w/ handles in pink, green & blue). The boys (4 of them) received black backpacks (local $1 store), pirate hats, hooks & eye patches. Inside everyones bag: pixie sticks, Tink or Peter pens that would light up, butterfly wings, Tink necklace (ebay), stickers, playdough($1store) & a Tink blowout. Then I sprinkled everyone with green glittering pixie dust. We took pictures of everyone with Peter or Tink & then the kids visited the different areas of Neverland.

At Mermaid Lagoon you could blow bubbles. I bought bottles at the $1 Store & put "Happy Birthday" stickers with pictures of Tinkerbell, again created with the Disney print shop. The kids had their goody bags with them to collect all the items at the different areas of Neverland. At the Indian Camp I had my brother painting faces- mostly the girls getting glitter & butterflies. At Treasure Island you had to walk the plank past Capt Hook to collect your treasure. Neverland was a big hit! Next we opened gifts & sang before lunch. We served hot dogs & cheese dip. I had a Tink banner personalized & hung over the area where we opened gifts. I used white tulle, pink balloons & Tink & Peter Pan toys to decorate around the banner.

CAKE- The table the cake was on had a white table cloth with gold stars, a large Tink toy & clouds surrounding the platter. I made a pirate ship for the birthday cake. I first tried the directions 2 round cakes cut in half & set up on their side but I was not happy with it, too square & not much like a ship. My next attempt was from a parenting magazine using a 9X13 cake that I cut & stacked to look like a ship. This turned out much better. I placed it on a large platter. On the ship I had little figures of Peter Pan & Capt Hook "fighting" & Tink & Jane "flying". I had written "Happy Birthday" on the sails of the ship. The boat was surrounded by water (blue jello) with a figure of the crocodile & had a small island (crumbled graham crackers) with a treasure chest. It turned out so cute! My daughter also loves cupcakes so we made them but instead of using regular cupcake liners I found tin foil star shapes. We iced the cupcakes with purple icing & then let the kids decorate with sprinkles.

For thank you notes I printed off "frames" with Peter & Tink from my Disney print shop & cut out the middle & added pictures of the kids from the party in front of the backdrop of Neverland. This party was a huge success! A lot of my ideas I came from this web site as I researched ideas for months & I find in a great help!

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