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Tinkerbell Party

Think Tink & Pirates -3yr- Felt Peter Pan Hats




Kellie in Middletown, Ohio USA


May 2009


Honorable Mention

So I am getting ready to have my daugthers 3rd Birthday party, I have been planning for about 3 months now, I have everything together and can't wait. I was looking up ideas, and came across this site, which would have been VERY helpful when I started. I thought I would share my ideas with you all.

INVITATIONS: I bought from the store, Wal-Mart.

PARTY SNACKS: Tink Links (hot dogs) Lost Boys Mush (Baked Beans), Captain Hook Finger Food (Fruit Skewers) Skull Island Worms (Mac Salad) they all have labels I made out of Cardstock paper and tinkerbell stickers, placed in a buffet style on the table.

CAKE: is ordered through Wal-Mart, as well as hand made magic wands, which will be made out of pretzel sticks, dipped in chocolate, and sprinkled with colored sugar, and pushed into star shaped rice crispy treats covered in sprinkles. 

DECORATIONS: Going with Lime green, Pink and Purple, streamers, balloons, and confitti, (having it at the park, outside). All the tables will have green covers with tinkerbell and peter pan coloring pages taped at each seat with crayons in the middle. (printed off line.) 

Will attempt the ship idea that many others have had, seems to be a huge success. One side will be the Pirates Cove with the ship (cardboard) and a kiddy pool filled with sand and gold coins, jewels, and whatnot hidden. Some streamers and a plank over the blue tarp. That will be the boys side.

My brother is going to dress up as Hook and give the boys a tattoo. The boys will be given peter pan hats (my mother and I made them out of felt and a feather, and a glue gun, it was SO easy) swords (dollar store) and brown felt shoe covers (hand made).

The other side will be the Mermaid Lagoon which will have a card board cut out that I have been working on to form a open clam with a pillow in the middle (as the pearl) with white, clear, and light blue small balloons hanging from fishing string from the trees, along with some fish I bought from the dollar store.  There will be white tulle hanging from the trees as a backdrop. They will have a kiddy pool filled with the white, clear, light blue balloons and have lip gloss, eyeshadows, braclets, and whatnot hidden in it.

My sister-in-law is dressing up as a fairy and will be giving the girls some pixie dust and glitter (using aloe and glitter to use on their faces.) The girls will be given wings, (dollar store), headbands (walmart) and wands (hand made, skewers, and Foam stars sprayed with glitter.) The Birthday girl is going to be dressed in a tinkerbell costume. My sister is going to change half way through the party as Tinkerbell, and pass out the goody bags and take a picture with each child.

FAVORS: Each will consist of a sippy cup or cup with tinkerbell on it, lip gloss, sunglasses, notebook, box of crayons, tink pencil, stickers, and candy necklace in a tinkerbell bag. (Most things were bought at Wal-Mart or Dollar store) The Boys: compass, sunglasses, notebook, box of crayons, eye patch, gold candy coins, sippy cup or cup with peter pan, wrapped up in a bandana. 

GAMES: Pop the balloon: will fill big balloons with glitter and a note in each one with sayings from the movie, one will have a WINNER in it. Each child will pick a balloon, and pop it one by one, to find the winner. The winner will get the movie either Peter Pan" or "Tinkerbell". The next game will be: Treasure hunt: We will go on a hike through the woods where there will be all sorts of things hidden (in plastic eggs from easter with tinkerbell stickers on them filled with candy)

My brother sister and sister-in-law will be hidden and come out to help the kids find the eggs. At the end of the hunt who ever has the most eggs wins. Winner gets the other movie. Then cake wands and we haven't decided if were opening presents or not.. It all depends on how the day goes.

The thank-you cards are going to be tinkerbell cards we bought from Wal-mart and each one will have a picture of the child and tinkerbell in it along with our thank yous. I hope this help you all… I can't wait for it. As soon as I get pictures I will try and post them for you. Its great to know I have a site to go to next year for wonderful ideas! Best of luck with your party!                  "

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