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Tinkerbell Party

Tinkerbell Party -5yr- Everything Tink




Tam in Toronto, Ontario Canada


May 2009


Special Mention

Faith Trust and Pixie Dust can be for Less!   We combined Dollar Store finds, use of recyclable - freebies - what was on hand, and make your own for a successful 5th birthday party!   

INVITATION,  We did homemade tinkerbell cards that my two kids help to make.  Supplies were tinkerbell stickers, foam flower stickers, cereal boxes, business sized envelopes, stampers with ink, purple tissue paper, glue, index cards in two colors, pen.  Assemble- Took cereal box and cut to size to fit in the envelope.  Glue tissue paper fully to both sides.  Rounded the corners of a 3*5 index card on which party information was on and glued on top of paper.  Placed a tinkerbell sticker in two corners and in another a flower sticker that we had stamped a leaf onto. 

Outside of the envelope stated Fairy Fairy did you hear?  and the card said - Mary's 5th Birthday party is near! You're invited!  Faith, trust, and Pixie Dust.  Inside we also added an informational index card that listed we were doing games, crafts, cake, story, playground, and wings provided.  Only needed to buy tinkerbell stickers ($1 from Dollar store) as rest was on hand or found in the recycle bin.     

DECORATIONS,  Simple since we were in a party room in our apartment complex (which was free to rent).  4 large silk flowers (around 2.5  feet high ) were individually inserted into a large water container like you see at work for the watercooler (found in recycle bin) and placed around the room.  These made a big impact.

A Watering can (we owned already) sat on the craft table that had three candy flower bouquets (suckers that looked like hard colored candy and shaped like a flower) eaten throughout the party. Next to that we had a squirrel figure.  Butterflies that were brought home from a school project (free!) hung on the wall with 2 large tinkerbell posters" that my kids colored from the dollar store. ($9)     

ACTIVITIES and GAMES  When the guests arrived they sat down to make candy necklaces made of gummy life savers  licorice laces fruit loop type cereal.  Then colored a fairy coloring sheet (from a coloring book) with our crayons. ($6)    Played Duck Duck goose type game shared the house rules and we sat in a circle and did a game to dispense of fairy wings (dollar store had official disney fairy wings that you put behind you with elastic cord over your arm/shoulder. we brought eight for $10). 

We passed a bean bag around while I played a 30 second clip of music.  Whomever was holding it when stopped - stood up picked which wings they wanted and then sat in the middle until the next fairy got the bean bag and her wings... and the last person who got their wings did have a chance to sit in the middle!

We broke the group into two for a dice game.  We had made coloring sheets with a butterfly with six numbered parts ...wings each antenna body and face .  A girl would throw a single die and color the corresponding part with marker.  They would continue until rolled the same number again and then it would pass to the next person.  We continued until all girls colored their page and some went as far as adding another picture or border!  This cost us nothing as we had everything on hand.

Next was make a fairy/butterfly craft.  Supplies were toilet paper tubes covered in white tissue paper construction paper wings glue half a pipe cleaner for antenna markers and stickers.  We spent $1 for pipe cleaners.   

While they were making their craft I had a glamor station set up and called them over individually.  They had a butterfly tattoo put on their arm and we put on their choice of glitter lip glosses and body paints (on the back of their hand) ($3 for everything).   

If they were done with their necklace or fairy craft we gave them a small individual tinkerbell puzzle to do.  I found an old green nylon laundry bag and cut it up to like 8*11 sections put the pieces of one puzzle in the middle (a pack of 4 puzzles were a dollar so $2) and tied it with curling ribbon that had the picture of the puzzle attached so they could solve it.

After this we had free play.  We marked a hopscotch board on the floor and used the bean bag.  Had 3 mini golf holes to play with.  We decorated the golf "cup" with tinkerbell stickers and the clubs were from easter time so carrot themed ($2).  In a corner I set up a bean bag game and this was quite popular. 

We made a tower of three diaper boxes with duct tape keeping them together and in place on the floor.  In the top two boxes we cut two holes each of different shape and size and added tinkerbell stickers.  We marked two lines on the floor to throw 3 koosh type balls into the holes.  We put out three little people play sets- the pirate ship house and farm and also added disney fairy figures we had owned so they could use them instead of little people.

After the food we had story time.  We read the disney fairy "Great fairy race" easy reader paperback book.  And then we got up waved our arms- picked up our feet turned and did a song with handmotions.  Used the where is thumbkin music and hand motions with these words: Where is fairy where is fairy? here I am here I am.  How are you today miss? very well I thank you. fly away fly away.  Next verse inserted the birthday girls name and asked her to answer... and then first verse repeat.  We ended the party by going to the apartment complex playground where people left at their leisure. 

COSTUMES Girls came dressed as they liked- which was from simple dresses to easter type dresses.  We supplied the wings!  For the birthday girl we let her choose from a few easter dresses she owned.  We then added various silk flowers with hotglue to it ($1). 

PARTY SNACKS CAKE  For snacks and cake we saved on the paper products.  They were freebies (someone gave us left overs).  We had water and lemonade pretzels two kinds of berries and grapes cookies shaped like daisies graham crackers shaped like bugs and butterflies carrots. 

For the cake.  I made a shallow nine inch round single layer yellow cake and 11 cupcakes.  We frosted all of them with white store brought frosting.  On the round cake we sprinkled pink sugar and topped with a tinkerbell candle figure.  On the table we placed the round and surrounded it with the cupcakes which had been sprinkled with green sugar .  The effect was that it looked like a flower with tinkerbell sitting on it.  I thought the guests would like the cupcakes since all seemed to be frosting lovers and I was right :)  (spent $22). 

FAVORS Favor was a flowerpot that looked like a sunflower was growing from it and a chick was peeking out.  Supplies:  Twine hotglue round plastic flower pots glass jars silk flowers labels that hang from a string pen sugar candy tinkerbell stickers.      I took a small amount of twine and wrapped around the lower lip of the pot and tied it so it made a handle.  Secured with hotglue.  Someone had given me 10 small glass sealed jars that had a sealing clip (I had intended to put spices in them but it never came to pass). 

To the top I hotglued an individual silk sunflower around it I tied a label (from a previous tag sale we had) that stated PIXIE DUST and on the back faintly- sugar and inside filled it 1/3 high with sugar.  I placed it in the pot with some tinkerbell stickers and easter candy I picked up on closeout (chick suckers mini chocolate bunnies mini eggs).  These were a big hit with the parents and kids. ($6) 

OVERALL My daughter loved her party the guests were never bored parents amazed at all the activities and I loved the price.. $63.  The three hour party cost approx $8 for each girl.  Additionally we fed the parents and had enough food and supplies if wanted a few more guests. "

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