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Tie Dye Sleepover -7yr- Tie Dye Pillow Case




Kelly in Fresno, CA USA


January 2010



We hosted a birthday party for our seven year old daughter. 

INVITATIONS - The event was just after New Years Eve.  We sent out e-mail invitations in early December letting people know to put the party on their calendars.  However due to Christmas plans I didn't expect much response right away.  Just after Christmas I sent a reminder message.  There were still a few families I didn't hear from and needed to follow up again.  Planning a non-holiday party around the holidays requires a lot of follow-up I guess. 

THE EVENT - The party started at 5:00.  Once the guests started to arrive we had some time set aside for freeplay.  Knowing that everyone wouldn't arrive at the same time we didn't want to start any activity right away.  Fortunately, since it was just after Christmas my daughter had lots of new toys she was excited to share. 

At 5:30 we gathered the girls together and made pizzas.  They were so excited to be able to do it themselves.  We got the small size Boboli pizza crusts, sauce, cheese, pepperoni and let the girls do whatever they wanted.  While the pizzas were baking I had prepared a quick activity.  I had preprinted some 2010 calendars that had an area to insert a picture.  I printed them with no picture and then asked the girls to write in a resolution they could make for the new year and then draw a picture.  We had to also have a brief discussion about what a resolution was.  It was cute to see what they came up with.  That took about fifteen minutes and then we were ready to eat pizza.  Next I had planned to move on to the next activity.  A few girls really just wanted to play.  I figured we had all night and agreed to change the plan and gave them more time just to giggle and play. 

Next we gathered in the living room.  I passed out pillow cases (that were washed ahead of time to remove the sizing) and a bunch of rubber bands and explained the process of tye-dying.  The girls spent time bunching up their pillow cases and getting them ready for the dye.  I helped as needed to be sure the bands were tight enough and tied up enough.  When it was time to put them in the purple dye I had the girls carefully put their case into the dye but didn't allow them to stir to keep the mess down. 

More time for free play while the pillow cases were in the dye.  I asked the girls to gather again when the cases were ready to come out of the dye.  They watched as all the rubber bands got cut (by me) off of one case. They were so excited.  Next, while I continued to cut rubberbands, my husband got the girls going with a movie that my daughter chose ahead of time and fancy ice cream sundaes instead of cake.  After the movie they played a little while longer and then we cleaned up the playroom in order to make room for the sleeping bags. 

By that time the pillow cases were washed and dried.  Some girls wanted to use them right away and others preferred the cases they brought from home.  Getting five girls to sleep was an interesting trick but eventually everyone fell asleep.  In the morning we served pancakes and sausage and then called for the moms and dads to come pick the girls up.  All of the girls seemed sad to leave, and my daughter was the saddest of all that the party was over.

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