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Tie Dye Party

Tie Dye Party




Tanna in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA


November 2009



A great way to have a crafty party is to throw a tie dye party.

Start off with colorful invites, and color a starburst on the front. On the inside, tell the girls to bring anything else that they may want to tie dye, even though you will provide the shirt. Also make a note to either wear or bring an old t-shirt. When they arrive, have them color a starburst while they're waiting for everyone else to join.

When everyone is there, start off by marking everyone's shirt, and anything else being tie dyed, with their initials in Sharpie. Get those soaking in the solution that comes with most tie dye kits, I recommend putting them in a large bucket or cooler. The longer they soak, the better the color will absorb, so do this now.

Next have everyone, if not already wearing them, put on their old t-shirts. Then, using a dry t-shirt, show the girls how to make some basic paterns, whirls and sun bursts, along with anything else you may know. Now, before you start tie dying, have each of the girls grab a paper plate, gallon size ziplock bag, and a few rubber bands (they may need more depending on the design). Also give each girl a sheet of paper, giving them instructions on how to wash and finish their shirts at home, because the shirts will not have enough time to absorb the color if you do it the next morning.

Then, grab each of the shirts from the solution, wring them out, and call the girls name, and have them come and get it. Set up a large table where the girls can make their shirt designs. Give them some time to make a pretty pattern. When they are ready, have them set the shirts on a plate, and bring that to each dye station. Set up a few tables, a different color at each station in little squeeze bottles. Let everyone walk around and dye their shirts (you may want to set these tables up outside or on hard surface floor, so if dye spills on the ground it's not a big deal). If you want to avoid staing your fingers, wear some latex gloves to dye.

When they are done, have them put it in their plastic bags, and put everyones name on them. Now set them all together and let everyone wash their hands. Now is a great time to serve refreshments or play some games. When it's time to go home, give everyone their plastic ziplock bag with their t-shirts, and maybe a goodie bag. Happy Tie Dying!

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