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Tie Dye Party

Tie-Dye Party  -3yr- Tie Dye Hand Print




Amber in Apringdale, Arkansas, U.S.


January 2006



My daughter's 3rd birthday is coming up and we are going to have a tie-dye party!

We made her invitations by taking a large pieces of brightly colored scrapbook-paper cardstock and cut a straight line leaving one side larger than the other so that one side can be the card and the other may be the envelope. As long as the piece being used for the envelope is about 1 inch wider than the card so the card can fit into it easily. After cutting those out, I folded all the smaller sections in half (so that they look like a standard card).

Next, I got a paper plate and squirted different colors of acrylic paint on the plate in a small pile (do not mix or blend the colors). I had my daughter place her hand into the paint and then place her hand on the front of the card. Once you pick up your hand it leaves a really cool tie-dye looking handprint! I recommend that you do the first handprint on a scrap piece of paper being as it is always the goopyiest handprint and doesnt usually turn out. After the cards dry you are able to personalize them in any way that you like. I put on the front "You're invited to a Tye-Dye Party". 

Next I made the envelopes. These are really simple to make. Fold the larger section that you have cut out almost in half but be sure to leave about an inch at the top. The inch is important because that is how you are going to seal your envelopes. Once they are folded with the large crease, I punched 2 holes on each edge of the envelope (4 holes total). Now taking about a 7 inch piece of string (i used hemp) and tie a small bow to hold the envelope together. Do this on both sides. I even put a small bead on the hemp to jazz it up a bit! Once you have tied the string you have what should look like an envelope. Now just fold over the top lip (the 1 inch section) and get some double sided tape to seal it!! Now you have some spunky invitations to a party no kid will want to miss!! 

Now all you need is white shirts, socks, shorts, scrunchies, bandanas...and the list goes on!! We are going to provide shirts but there will be enough dye left that you should let the parents know that they are free to bring whatever it is that they are wanting to dye.

Deck your house out in tie-dye balloons, napkins, plates, cups, and colored streamers. We will not be doing goodie bags due to the fact the kids get to go home with a new groovy t-shirt that they helped make!! But if you insist doing goodie bags there are always a TON of tie-dye goodies to throw in there if you visit your local hobby store or check online auctions too.  Remember that whatever the age is….you are going to need to participate. Have patience and remember that youre doing this for the kids…let them have a day of craziness!!! Good Luck!!

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