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Teletubbies Party

Teletubbies -2yr- Wooden Teletubbie Characters




Daisy in Wemmel, Belgium, Europe


June 2003



For my sons second birthday, we chose the Teletubbies.  Since we live in Belgium and the supplies were nowhere to be found, I searched the Internet for plates, napkins, cups etc with the Tubbies. With success! I found invitations and added some text I made on my computer. I completed the invitations with a red Teletubbie with my son’s face and attached it to the card with a cord. 

Since the weather was very unpredictable the week before my son’s birthday, we decided to have the party indoors. I decorated the hall of our house with balloons (in the Teletubbies colours) and posters of the four. The living room was decorated with a green carpet, and also decorated with balloons and banner with Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa Laa and Poo. I made wooden figures of the four Tubbies and the Noo Noo and they looked great on the grass (the green carpet). I found masks of the Tubbies and hung them on the walls. I also put out al my son’s Teletubbie toys.

The children’s tables where covered with a Teletubbie tablecloth and my sons chair was decorated with a big crown with the four Tubbies. I prepared a colouring book for each kid and they all coloured the drawings while we waited for everyone to arrive. In the corner of the room was a large wooden board with a whole. I painted the teletubbieland on the board and the sun around the opening.

Each kid put its head through and we made a photograph of him or here. We later send them the photo with a thank you note. I made a Teletubbiedome from a large box, that I painted green. Each kid got Teletubbie and flower stickers and they all had fun decorating the box. We had a big cake with a Teletubbie decoration I bought on the Internet. My son blew the candles and kept saying Again, again. My own little Teletubbie!!! I prepared an other indoor game but during the party, the weather cleared up and the sun came through.

We moved outside and the kids had a lot of unexpected and unprepared fun in my sons play garden. I found a tent with the Teletubbies that was put in the corner of the living room and I put a small inflatable swimming pool filled with small plastic balls inside. I put wrapped gifts in there, and at the end of the party each kid got to grab one. They loved it and where so thrilled to get a gift themselves.

Each kid also got a goodie bag, filled with Teletubbie items I found on the net, and colouring book.  The party took some time preparing, but it was a huge success and my son loved it. Seeing his happy face was definitely worth all the hard work.

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