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Teletubbies Party

Teletubby Party -2yr- Pass Laa Laa's Ball




Rina in Goa - India


May 2012



For my sons 2nd birthday we had a teletubby birthday as he used to keep saying tubby all the time that was his favorite program.

The invitations were with pictures of the 4 tubbies with details on the inside also a small note to come dressed in your favorite tubby colour.

For decoration I made a huge banner using craft paper for the backdrop it was a rainbow (all 7 colors) with the sun and clouds in the sky and all green for grass and some rows of flowers were put on the grass and I took prints of the four tubbies and stuck then on the rainbow according to their colour and also in one cloud had happy birthday printed. Had green curtains for the windows and hung some bunnies on them  and also prints of the four tubbies were put around the room and balloons of red, green, purple and yellow.  The whole place had a very colorful look .

I had made antennas of all four tubbies using wire and craft paper (purple, green, yellow and red) attached to a same colour hair band. For my son I made the costume of the sun he wore a yellow jumper and a sun rays around his face it was made using Velcro tape, wire and craft paper all was in yellow he was looking very very cute and was all the time smiling like the sun in the program .

As the kids came in I gave them an antenna matching to the colour they wore and also had small sticky paper TV made for them to stick along with their name on their stomach. All kids where happy as it was not hats as always and something different. All were looking very nice.  

For games we had passing La La’s orange ball and the second game was passing dipsy’s black & white hat once the music stops the one with the hat would pick a name from the pot (I had put the names as the kids came in) and the name that you pick you should go and hug that person and that one is out you remain in the game. For the next game I had put a few things in tinky winkys red bag and passed it around to each one for a few seconds and then once all had a ago, they were told to guess the maximum things that were in there.  

Each game had two winners and also there were lots of spot prizes like name all the four tubbies, How many bunnies are there in the room, etc all kids were very happy wanted more games and prizes. Then for all the adults I gave a small piece of coloured paper and told to make it as long as possible in a minute.

The cake was a dome of the tubbies with some flowers around, the four tubbies were put right on the top the cake was very attractive.

For snacks we had potato smiles as tubby toast and strawberry (pink) ice cream as tubby custard. Sandwiches and cheese dips both triangle shapes, French fries as sticks, hash browns as rounds.

For take away I found some eco friendly bags (red, green and yellow) on them I painted the entire four antennas on both sides with the respective colours looked very good.  Inside I put a money box (the colours were red, yellow green and purple), crayons and some chocolates. The kids as well as adults enjoyed the birthday it was a great hit kids are still talking about the party almost 15 days later.  

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