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Teletubbies Party

Teletubbies Party -2yr- Po's Pizza




Ellen in Batesville, Indiana, USA


Nov 2002



For my daughter's 2nd birthday we threw her a Teletubbies party. I bought lots of goods off the internet (invitations, thank-you notes, banner, centerpiece, plates, cups, party favors, etc.). She was Po for Halloween so I included a picture of her in the costume with the invitations.

In addition to the store-bought decorations I blew up red, purple, green, and yellow balloons and tied them around the room. I also used streamers in the same colors. I had the Teletubbies plush dolls set up on the table around the centerpiece and I made a large sun with a picture of my daughter's face on it(blown up) and hung it on the wall. 

The food was "Po's pizza" and "Laa-Laa's lemonade". I also had Tubby Toast (gingerbread cookies with happy faces on them) and Tubby Custard (strawberry yogurt). I had a bakery make a Teletubby cake with little plastic cake toppers of all the tubbies standing around the Tubbytronic Superdome.  

We played games that were oriented to the Teletubby theme such as What's in Tinky Winky's Bag? I bought a cheap red purse and put several items inside (lipstick, comb, pen, paper clip, etc) and everyone got a few seconds to look in the purse and remember as many items as they could. We also played Hot Po (played just like Hot Potato except using a Po plush doll) and Dipsy Says (played just like Simon Says).

Lastly, we played animal charades using the animals in the parade on the Teletubbies t.v. show (tigers, elephants, snakes, butterflies, turtles, flamingos, frogs, penguins, and giraffes). Winners received Teletubby coloring books.  My daughter wore a Teletubby t-shirt with all the tubby faces except her face was in place of Laa-Laa's. I wrapped all her presents in Teletubbies wrapping paper and the loot bags were filled with Tubby favors and some candy. It was a really cute and fun party!

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