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Teletubbies Party

Teletubbie Party - Tubby Toast Bean Bag Toss




Christi in Houston TX


February 2002



Teletubby party for toddlers:  I drew outlines of the teletubbies onto cardboard.  (I have no artistic talent, but these are very simple forms because they are all the same.  You just change the head piece and paint color)  I cut the face out of LaaLaa, my son's favorite and had the kids stand behind it and put their face in the hole.  I took pictures of each child as LaaLaa. 

I made tubby toast bean bags by cutting brown felt into circles, gluing them with a hot glue gun into pockets, filling with beans and gluing them closed.  Then I painted smiley faces on them to look like tubby toast. I cut the tummy out of the Po cardboard form and used this for a bean bag toss. 

I made Dispy hats instead of traditional party hats by using paper plates as the rim and construction paper for the top (like a top hat).  I just used white plates and paper and colored black cow spots on them to look like Dispy's hat.  I gave Tinky Winky red gift bags for the goody bags and filled them with a small Orange LaaLaa ball, a small toy Po Skooter, a small pinwheel and Teletubby stickers. 

We had strawberry ice cream (tubby custard) with a Sun Baby cake.  (Bake a round cake, frost yellow, then take pointed ice cream cones, iced yellow and stick into the sides of the cake to look like a sun)  I actually went a step further and had a picture of my son's face put onto edible icing and placed it into the center of the cake so that he was the sun baby!

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