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Teletubbies Party

Teletubbies -1yr- Photo Backdrop




Shanyn in Tempe, Arizona, USA


October 2001



Teletubbies 1 yr  My son is crazy about the Teletubbies, so for his first birthday party it was easy to choose a theme. 

I made a special photo background using sky/cloud patterned posterboard I found at the grocery store.  I added green-construction paper grassy hills, flowers at the bottom, and all 4 Teletubbies. 

Then I cut a hole in the sky big enough for a child's face to show through, and decorated it with yellow sunrays.  Each child stood behind the picture and peek out through the hole for a photo as the baby sun with all the Teletubbies! 

For treats, I made pancakes with a smiley face made with peach glaze (tubby toast) and strawberry-flavored yogurt (tubby custard).  Each child made their own party favors by decorating a plain sippy-cup with Teletubbies stickers. What a fun day we had!

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