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Fancy Nancy Dress-Up Party -7yr- Chinese Purse Gift




Kiran in Nuevo, CA, USA


January 2010


Honorable Mention

For my daughter's 7th birthday I will be holding a Fancy Nancy Dress-up Tea Party. 

INVITATIONS - I found flat silver blank invitations at the craft store.  I used my computer to print You're invited to a sioree for Miss_____'s 7th birthday.(Sioree is French for party.  Everything is fancier in French.)  And Remember to wear your fanciest dress!"  followed by the time date etc. 

Then I wrote RSVP _____ (RSVP is French for 'Please let us know if you are coming!'  I decorated the back with scrapbooking paper cut with fancy scissors ribbon and self-adhesive flowers and self-adhesive jewels that were purchased on sale or from the $bins at the craft store.  I also printed each girl's name on her envelope. 

FAVORS - I found some cute Chinese purses at Target in their $ bins for $2.50.  These will be the goodie bags.  I filled them with flower shaped mirrors pencils a wooden princess craft a headband jeweled hair pins lip gloss and rose shaped erasers all from the $store or from the $bins at Target or the craft stores. 

DECORATIONS - I am going all out with decorations.  I found some princess Japanese lanterns on sale at the craft store that I will hang around the party room (my dining/familyroom).  I will also be hanging some pretty icicle ornaments I found at the craft store after Christmas.  I will be looping beaded garland (also from after-Christmas sales)around the light fixture and through out the table. 

The table will be covered with a pink tablecloth silk rose petals (both from the $store) and of course the beaded garland.  I will also be placing flamless votive candles around the table.  I will be placing a piece of sparkly fuschia fabric over the back of each chair and I will wrap more beaded garland and/or ribbon around them. 

I will place small bouquets made of silk flowers on the back of each chair.  The table will be set with my white dishes my everyday flatware and my half-tumbler crystal glasses. 

I made napkin rings by cutting a paper towel tube in 1 1/2 inch pieces.  I covered each piece with scrapbooking paper self-adhesive jewels and a self-adhesive butterfly.  Each girl with get one at her place setting as well as a large rectangular doily as a placemat. 

ACTIVITIES - We will have several activities.  When the girls arrive they will sign the autograph book I made from a butterfly shaped chipboard book from the craft store's $bin scrapbook paper and glitter. 

Then they will go to the makeover area.  They will have their faces wiped with a cleansing cloth makeup from the $store applied and be sprayed with glittered body spray.  They will also receive a feather boa from the $store. 

Then they will move to the first craft.  They will make necklaces and bracelets using pony beads and dental floss.  They can make as many as the beads will allow.  They will also decorate foam tiaras I purchased online with self-adhesive jewels and self-adhesive foam flowers the $bins.

Next they will play 'pin the tiara on the princess' using a game set I found at the $store.  I found some mini-butterfly candles the girls can assemble if we have extra time.  If not I will put them in the goodie bags.  If the food is not ready I plan to turn on some music for a dance party. 

PARTY SNACKS - For food I am going simple.  I will have veggies and dip cheese cubes with fancy toothpicks butterfly shaped graham crackers homemade bagel pizzas sliced fruit giant homemade decorated cookies in the shape of a 7 and cupcakes instead of cake.  Everything will be served on pretty platters and pedestals.  I will also be making strawberry lemonade using real strawberries.    

CAKE - as I said before I am doing cupcakes.  Half will be vanilla and half chocolate with vanilla buttercream frosting swirled on top per the birthday girl's request.  I will be decorating them with pink and purple royal icing flowers and white sugar pearls.   I also plan to get a photo of each girl all dressed up to put next to her autograph in the autograph book. I hope everything turns out well I think it will be a great time!"

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