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Tea Party

Boy/Girl Tea 5yr - Pin the Tea Cup




Sharyn in Pinconning, Michigan, USA


January 2009


Honorable Mention

Invitations:  We had a total of 17 kids. 

Invitations were simply necessary information printed off on colorful paper. The invitations specified dress up clothes.

Decorations: I put tables together so everyone could see each other. Pink table cloths with fake flowers and pretty things scattered around. Each place setting had a white placemat, real tea cups and saucers.  I found these in sets at dollar stores and on clearance, some were borrowed.  Goldfish crackers were in plastic wine glasses. 

I made name cards and put tea cup stickers on them.  I also made a giant posterboard sign to place in the front yard near the driveway that said You have arrived at Daphne's Tea Party!  Come on in and have fun!"  

Activities: The kids went to a craft table as they came in to kill time while waiting for the other guests.  I bought decorate-your-own fans from Oriental Trading Company. 

Games: Once everyone had arrived and crafts were done the kids were seated at the tea table and we played Friendship Bingo.  There were several kids who did not know each other so this game was to make them familiar.  I gathered a 1x1 picture of each child in advance (cut from a regular photo).  I used the picture to create Bingo game boards.  I made a grid on typing paper and taped the pictures to it then copied it.

I would pop off the pictures and rearrange them so all the boards were different.  I had a few kids that I didn't have pictures for.  I made unique smiley faces for them.  The birthday girl was the free space and I filled in with tea cups etc.  To play I called off the names as I held up the picture.  We played a few rounds then had tea.   After tea we played more games.  After each game every guest won a prize - a piece of dress up. 

1. Tea Cup Scavenger Hunt - I made many cups out of poster board and hid them around the back yard prior to the party.  The girls received beaded necklaces for that game.  The boys got bandanas. 

2. Pin the tea cup to the saucer.  I drew a table set for tea on posterboard with 1 cup missing.  The kids used one of the cups they had found in the previous game to pin on.  They received watches for this game.  The girls' were gold watches found at a party supply store.  The boys' were old watches from a thrift store. 

3. Musical chairs - girls received rings for this game boys got wallets I had found on clearance for a quarter. 

4. Water Relay - I set up an obstacle course in my back yard.  The kids had to dip a cup in a bucket of water run through the obstacle course without spilling any and dump it in another bucket.  The first team to fill to a certain line won.  They received scarves for this game.  I bought these at a thrift store some were silk others were tulle whatever I could find.  The boys received neck ties in bright colors from a thrift store as well. 

Finally we had a pinata.  I had bought a bag of clothes from a thrift store that were made of beautiful fabrics (plaid for boys).  I cut them up and made pull string bags for the kids.  They each got one for the pinata - which was a giant tea cup. 

Menu: My daughter planned the menu.  It consisted of a variety of finger sandwiches veggies sliced very thin goldfish crackers and a few other of her favorites.  I had several guests with older siblings so I asked them to stay and be the servers.  They had fun with that!  A lot of parents stayed so I made up larger sandwiches and a few salads so they could eat as well.  

Cake: We had cake and ice cream after the pinata opened presents and the kids went home whew!  The cake was just a sheet cake with a miniature tea set from the dollar store on it. 

Favors: Upon arrival kids received a "tea hat".  My mother in law bought large straw hats at Hobby Lobby spray painted them white then decorated them with various frilly things - feathers fake flowers boas etc.  There were 3 colors to choose from - purple pink or yellow. 

The birthday girl had a slightly more elaborate hat with a large beaded butterfly on it.  The boys had smaller straw hats sprayed black with a colorful band around them and a feather attached. 

As each child arrived I also took a picture of them with the birthday girl and made copies to send in the thank yous."

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