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Tea Party

Polka Dot Tea -6yr- Tea Cart Serving




Shanda in Fort Worth, Texas  USA


March 2010


Honorable Mention

Our theme was a Polka Dot Tea Party:  My daughter wanted a tea party for her sixth birthday.  My inspiration came from a black and white polka dot dress. 

Invitation:The invitation was a cut out of a teapot with removal lid.  On the invitation I printed in a fancy font-You are cordially invited to an Afternoon Tea Celebrating _____6th Birthday, Kindly RSVP (to reserve a seat) the invitation envelope had a tea bag attached and it said Time to Par-tea!  Bring your teddy bear or doll to join the fun. 

Decorations:  We wanted to be as frugal as possible so the Dollar Store and Target had the things we needed.  I bought black card board and taped it to the wall.  Made white circles 5 inches long and taped them to the black board. 

One wall of our dining room looked as if it was painted black and white polka dots.  We brought our picnic table that had a umbrella on it and placed it in our tea room.  I put a lace cloth on top of it. 

We made our own cupcake pedestals.  I painted a small platers plate (white) and votive and glued them together. Bought tea lights and straw hats and white gloves at the dollar store.  When the guests arrived all the tea lights were flickering.  Soo pretty.  

Purchased dollies and placed them as place mats on the tables.  Made a tent (hanging from the ceiling) over the birthday girl's chair out of pink tulle with flowers casading down it.  Had a special place for her dolls and teddy bears that had a small tea set and table and chairs for six.  Placed a tea cart in the room and had a tall serving tray with shiny tulle as the table cloth. 

Games:my mother-in-law (Linda)is a professional clown and she played games and balloon tricks while I prepared the tables for the children.  After the games, the girls were sprayed with glitter and had their makeup done.  Boys had their face painted as favorite hero. 

Costumes:Girls put on their straw hats and gloves and proceded into the tea room. 

Party Snacks:I made blueberry, raspberry, banana and chocolate chip mini muffins.  The sandwiches were heart, star and flower cut outs.  Diffent types of sandwiches were served ,peanut butter and jelly, chicken salad and roast beef and swiss. 

Four different types of dips were made.  Sweet tea and white grape juice was served in a teapot. My daughter's doll cake was pink with white ruffles and had strawberries, chocolate and white roses surrounding it. 

Each child received a cupcake with a candle and rose on top of it, to help the birthday girl blow our her candles. Actitivies:Girls decorated their own purses with foam letters and shapes. 

Favors: child received straw hat, gloves and purses.  This was a fantastic party.

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