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Tea Party

Dress Up / Tea 5yr - Teapot Cookies




Elizabeth in Huntsville Alabama USA


February 2006


Honorable Mention

Dress Up Tea Party 5 yo  This site was quite helpful as I planned my daughter's 5th birthday, thanks for all the great ideas! We invited 4 girls for our tea party event in February.

Invitations were black & white dotted pink teapots (Party City), and read "My day would be much brighter, and I would be happier too, If I could spend my birthday sipping tea with you! Grace is turning 5/Please join us for a Dress Up Tea Party/ Bring or wear your favorite dress-up dress, we'll have lots of accessories to share.

Also bring a favorite animal or doll for the Doll Table" --along with all the particulars (date/time/etc). the front porch was decorated with pink balloons, and we placed a child's adirondack chair with a cup of tea and a teddy bear near the front entrance.

As guests and their mommies arrived the girls got acquainted and did a small craft. I already had small wooden jewelry boxes painted pink adn personalized (with a paint pen), all each had to do was decorate with a variety of pink bottons around her name.

Next was to get all "fancied up" --we had baskets full of necklaces, bracelets, gloves, and play high-heeled shoes. There was also a coat rack full of feather boas and scarves. The girls then had a little make-up applied (by me!) and each received a hat to wear to the tea party (I found these at Dollar Tree and they kept the hats). I used 2 child's folding tables to make one long table, which I covered with a pink cloth and lace overlay.

Places were marked by a teapot cookie with each girl's name on it, wrapped in cellophane (I made these, not hard since I only had to make 5). I debated using real china, but caved and bought pink paper plates. I did use my silver punch cups for the tea cups. These made the table look more "fancy".

I also used silver teapot napkin rings with pink napkins, and a silver vase filled with pink roses and baby's breath for the centerpiece. The dolls' table was a small round child's table with a round lace cloth, centered by a little bouquet of roses in a china pitcher.

The buffet lunch included PB&J heart-shaped sandwiches, pimento cheese ribbon sandwiches,  2 types of scones (from Target, very good!), cheese cubes, chocolate-dipped strawberries, mini-quiches and pinwheel sandwiches (both from Costco), fruit tea punch, and a few chips and dips (I was also feeding 8 adults). I had the mothers fix and serve their daughters' plates. I then poured "Apple Dapple Tea" (apple juice with a splash of fruit tea for authenticity) from a teapot into the silver cups.

The girls really enjoyed their "tea time", and afterward we opened gifts and gave out goodie bags. In addition to the boxes and hats, we included (in pink shopping bags with a teapot motif and personalized with the girls' names) --make-up kit, jeweled picture frame, candy, rolling stamper and small notebook, and lollipop lip gloss.

We also made little bags up for the mothers/grandmothers ---pink cello bags containing nail polish (I found a great deal at Dollar Tree on name-brand polish), 2 types of ind. Packaged tea bags, and strawberry truffles.

A little later we sang "Happy Birthday" and presented the girls with pastel cupcakes on a metal stand (by Wilton --holds 13 cupcakes and really looks pretty!). During lunch I asked a friend who had lived in England for years to share some of her "Tea Time" experiences and explain about the custom of taking tea.

The girls actually paid attention and seemed interested! This was a great party and I loved planning it with my daughter. Although I took lots of pics, I didn't get a full-length group pic, and they looked so cute with their outfits and shoes! We used teapot notecards for thank you notes, of course!

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