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Tea Party 6yr - Victorian Hats




heather in grangeville, idaho USA


September 2005


Honorable Mention

For my daughter's 6th birthday, I wanted to do something really special and since she is always so lady-like, I thought a tea party would be perfect.  She loved the idea! 

The first thing I did was the INVITATIONS: I bought some really pretty toille scrapbook paper and cut out one for back and one for front of invitation in the shape of a teacup and saucer and glued the sides together.  Inside the teacup "pocket" I printed out all the invite info on a piece of vellum paper and cut it out in the shape of rising steam and placed it inside.  When the girls got the invites they just pulled up the vellum "steam" and read the invite.  It was gorgeous.  Also I found a teacup font online that was just adorable.  The poem inside read: My day would be much brighter, and I would be happier too, if I could turn 6 years old, sipping tea with you! 

Next was the preparation.  Before the party my daughter and I cut out large circles of lace (out of old tablecloths and bridesmaid dresses) and dipped them in Aleene's stiffener, placed them over small bowl and in a few hours Voila! Beautiful lace victorian hats for all the girls.  I made 20.  I went to all the second hand stores and bought a whole bunch of pretty teacups, it was so fun to see all the different ones, they were such a nice touch! 

For some favors, before the party I bought some shrinkart paper at a scrapbook store and a big tea pot and teacup stamp.  I stamped the paper (the stamps were about 3inches or a bit larger) then I cut out the image and placed it in the oven and out came the cutest little one inch hard plastic teacups and teapots for making pins.  I did the same for necklaces but I put a hole punch in it before I baked it.  These were the cutest and really cheap favors I could imagine. 

Another thing I did before the party was collected 20 paper towel rolls and put strings of pearls in them, and wrapped them in tissue paper and ribbon for crackers.  I also made 4inch paper purses out of really cute teapot scrapbook paper from a scrapbook store.  The store had a pattern, they were really easy and they turned out to be really great name places and favors.  Inside each purse I placed a pair of little white gloves and the pins and necklaces that I made for each girl, these turned out to be the goody bags.

The day of the party, I borrowed a big empty room from my Mother in law's craft shop that was already decorated in a victorian theme.  I put lace tablecloths on the table.  As centerpieces, I had borrowed some really pretty teapots and put some fake ivy around them. 

Then I put a paper doily for each girls place and put one of the teacups and saucers on the doily.  Right above the teacup I placed the cracker.  I also put the namecard purse in front of each setting.  For food, we made chocolate covered strawberries, homemade mints, and some tea sandwiches. 

For the cake, this was such a hit,-For the adults I made a teapot cake with sugarcookie handle and lid.  For the girls, I used a jumbo muffin pan and made 20 little matching teacups. They looked almost real and they were so much fun to decorate.  We also had punch instead of tea, cheating I know but 6 year olds aren't always fond of sipping tea. When the girls got there they each got to pick out a hat and decorate it with some faux flowers that I had.  This was a great ice-breaker. 

Later I put down some freezer paper and markers and let them loose on decorating their own paper fans and paper umbrellas (these I found really cheap at Oriental Trading Co.)  The girls did a great job and when they were all done, the girls got up holding their fans and umbrellas and sang I'm a Little Tea Pot-it was so cute and made great pictures.  My mother in law sat down and read a great children's book about a teapot traveling around the world singing the teapot song.  I bought a teapot pinata from Oriental Trading-CUTE!! 

After a bit the girls all sat down and we watched Disney Princess Sing A Long Tea Party movie.  When it was time to go, the girls took umbrellas,fans, necklaces, pins,paper purses, teacups and hats. It was all like fairytale and my little girl and her friends loved it. 

For thankyous, we had taken pictures of each of the girls in their hats and printed them out and made a cute card with their picture with a poem that said-Thankyou for the (present) and for sharing a cup of tea, my birthday was so special, I enjoyed your company!  I hope that some of this info will help with your little lady's tea party.

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