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Tea Party

Tea Party 7yr - Tea Bag Favors




Denise in New Haven, CT USA


August 2006


Honorable Mention

For my daughter's 7th birthday we had a tea party. 

We sent out invitations telling people tea time would be from 3-5 p.m.  Guests were asked to dress up and bring a friend (doll or teddy bear) to share in the fun. We decorated the table with slipcovers on the chairs, and doilies, tea party partyware, and china tea cups. As guests arrived we made paper flowers for the empty vase on the table for an arival activity.  Most of the girls had never made a paper flower and when we were finished all of our guests had arrived and the centerpiece looked great! 

Next we had craft time,three crafts in all since some girls are faster than others.  all the girls started making their own tiara which was a foamie tiara from a craft store and glued on sequins. Next they made paper dolls using precut foam dolls, clothes, hair and accessories.  the last craft was a necklace that was very simple another foam activity that was pre packaged and they chose tea party names for themselves while working on their crafts.

The next activity was a fun one, I had blown up 7 balloons prior to the party starting and on each one I placed a leter. The balloons spelled out the word FRIENDS.  The girls had to work together to unscramble the word.  Once they succeded they were told that that word would be the theme for the next game. 

Everyone then got to put on bracelets and rings that I got from a consignment shop.  When they each had on alot of jewlery they were told that every time someone said the word FRIENDS, they would have to give their jewlery to the person who heard them say the word. This is a mardi gras game that is alot of fun. 

Next we went downstairs where we played pin the hat on the girl. My daughter used posterboard and drew a girl's face and we cut out paper hats that the girls had to get on her head.  we used a scarf for a blindfold.  After that activity each girl starting with the winner of the game got to choose their own garden hat I found at a dollar store. 

Next we played a variation ofmusical chairs.  I placed foam flowers on the floor and numbered them 1 to 5 because we had 5 girls playing.  Then I put on music and when the music stopped each girl had to stand on a flower.  I then called out a number and the girl on the number got a prize.

We played this game for 2 songs since this was when they earned the remaining party favors. I gave out handbags, fans, gloves, boas, and a small tea set.  If one girl got all her prized then she left the game and got dressed for tea.  After everyone got their gear, we then sat down for tea.  When everyone was sitting my niece read to the girls tea manners  tell them where to place their napkin, never to reach over the table and so on. 

We served fresh fruit, cream cheese and cucumber sandwiches, peanut butter and jelly, each cut out with cookie cutters.  We served cheese and crackers with the cheese cut out into shapes on the crackers.  Cinnamon pinwheels, small muffins, mini cookies and short bread.  The girls drank decaf iced tea, raspberry tea, and pink lemonade.  I used a silver tea set for decoration, and they used tiny china tea cups.  We had to keep refilling their cups but to hear each one ask for "more tea please" was priceless. They kept on their white gloves while they ate and really acted like young ladies. 

Next we broke for cake and ice cream.

Then we played one last game called memory challenge I placed a variety of items on a silver tray, had the girls look at the tray for 2 minutes then they had to write down or draw a picture of each item they could remember.  They passed their papers fo their friends and I brought the tray back. 

Then they got their goodie bags which were white paper bags I made look like a tea bag.  I folded them down like a tea bag, attatched a string and a square paper at the end that said," Our friendship's like a cup of tea, the perfect, blend of you and me. My daughter sat at a chair and called up each girl, thanked them for coming and handed each one a tea goodie bag.  Then as the girls checked out their bags filled with candy necklace, candy bracelet, ring pops, stickers and door hangers,my daughter opened presents. 

I will always remember this party and I hope my daughter will too.  Have fun!

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