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Sweet 16 Party

Karaoke Sleepover - Memory Book




Cynthia in Puyallup, WA USA


March 2005



For our daughter's "Sweet 16" Birthday Party, we ordered invitations w/ her picture and pink/purple butterflies that stated "You are invited to a Sweet 16 Karaoke Sleepover Party". 20 girls were invited from school, church, and her police explorer group two weeks in advance w/ decorations.

We ordered personalized chocolates and put in a basket w/ lace. Sweet 16 decorations were purchased from local party store (on clearance). Balloons pre-ordered. Her cake will be 2-tier w/ purple bows on sides, sweet 16 in light pink, '16' top, candles, and tiny purple and pink roses.

We made a beautiful lilac silk memory book w/ her picture on the front w/ lace and asked 16 of her closest family/friends to write her a letter of what she means to them and wishing her happy b-day. A close friend is scrapbooking (professional quality) several pages w/ butterfly and flower stickers. There will be dividers for her "friends", "letters" and "memories" from the party.

Another memory book will be sitting out of pictures of her growing up (from 1-16).We got her a Sweet 16 necklace to be given to her from her twin brothers (age 15), a brand new video karaoke machine, an mp3 player, a Sweet 16 bracelet link, and a personalized Sweet 16 t-shirt to go along w/ other gifts.

We plan to order a 5' Subway sandwich and try to have healthy snacks/drinks for dinner and an ice cream sundae bar for dessert (along w/ cake) with a loud "happy b-day" song! We are going to have glow-in-the-dark bracelets/necklaces and "Sweet 16" movie along w/other movies for the sleepover.

The next morning we will have a full breakfast and then for those that can participate, a giant Scavenger Hunt called a "Sweet 16 Nonsense Scavenger Hunt" which will be a combination of a go get 'em hunt, acts of service hunt, look 'n learn hunt, people hunt, city-wide hunt, photo hunt, around the town info. hunt, and scavenge for signatures hunt (a few from each category).

For instance, find "16" of something, etc. There will be clear rules (no speeding, a cell phone number to call if someone is separated from the rest, etc.). We will have prizes and/or certificates for the most original, most creative, etc.

There will be several instant cameras to take pictures.

The total estimated cost: $350 - very good price! This does not include gifts (just cost of party).

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