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Sweet 16 Party

Heaven Sent - Midnight Blue Decorations




Yvette in Dededo, Guam


March 2005



I'm helping a friend plan a sweet 16 for her daughter, my idea is sweet but simple, first we came up with a theme, which is heaven sent, and then my mind went crazy with what we could do.   Of course my colors were lt. blue, silver, and white, but that was too pastel for me, so, I threw in dark blue almost a midnight blue. 

Once we got our colors together, it set the mood for decoration, what I came up with were bamboo trees, mounted in plaster of paris in flower pots (to hold them upright) these trees will be spray painted midnight blue, and then streamed with white christmas lights, were using the pearl lights as opposed to reg. ones.

Then some tulle will be draped over the tree almost but not at all muffling the lights, with some pretty ribbon wrapping around the tree and streaming around the bamboo, these trees will be propped around the entire room at the base of the tree there will be white pillow filler puffed around, to give a cloud affect and around the pillow filler is more of the white tulle. 

My center pieces are simple, they rest on a round table with a white table cloth and a dark blue draped table clothe that again another piece of soft material, like tulle only softer, will be gathered on the top of the table, in the center of this will rest a round mirrored piece of glass, atop this will be a flat round 8" in diameter bowl filled with water with floating candles, in a rose shape, color white. Three flowers of different sizes. 

My party favors will be of the sixteen yr. old, she will be put in a frame and passed out to her friends, this will be wrapped in a bag baby blue. With a pretty ribbon, her cake will be a three tier, all white with a topper of real white roses to rest on top the cake. 

Surrounding the cake will be 4/ 8" diam. cakes that will be different flavors and airbrused babyblue, with again more fresh flowers white roses that are also airbrushed baby blue.  The cake will have it's own table decorated the same as the rest only there will be balloons and flowers (white roses) decorating the table. 

There will be two sets of balloon arches one at the doorway in the colors of babyblue white and silver and one behind the birthday girl, in the same colors, she will have her own table with her parents, her chair will have a white slipcover white roses will be draped around the balloon arch behind her.

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