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Sweet 16 Party

Sweet 16 Ball - Pink & Orange




debbie in haughton, la


February 2005


Honorable Mention

I struggled for several weeks trying to come up with ideas to make this Sweet Sixteen party the best. 

We rented the clubhouse in our neighborhood, booked a DJ(one of the best ideas) and started ordering stuff with her name one it.  We got ribbon (usually for weddings) with "Whitney Wilson" on one end and "Sweet Sixteen" on the other, small Cinderella style carriages that open for favors, M&M's with "Whitney Wilson" and "Sweet Sixteen" on them, imprinted napkins and pencils with the same thing.  We put the M&M's in pink tulle circles and tied them with the imprinted ribbon.  These were her favors to give all the girls who had or were turning sixteen this year. 

Everything was pink and orange- her favorite colors.  Balloons, table covers, crepe paper, candy, serving dishes, ice bucket, plates, forks and cups.  The candy mix was butterscotch, peppermints, crème swirls of strawberry and orange, and kisses wrapped in pink.  There was a gift table that also held her "Guest" book with a pink gel pen with a giant fluffy top. 

Food table and gift table were adorned with a huge bouquet of pin and orange mums tied up with pink and orange ribbon.  She had two cakes, one with a "1" covered in orange sprinkles and one with a "6" covered in pink sprinkles and pink and orange candles.  Her birthday outfit was a cream colored jacket with pink and orange pinstripes and faded jeans.  I compiled a list of sixteen gifts of sixteen things and wrote a little verse for each. 

Each gift was in a pink bag with orange tissue and an orange tag that had the verse on it.  I sent her friends outside to bring the gifts back in and each girl gave her a gift and read the verse.   Sixteen dollars so nice and crisp To buy you something that you wish  Sixteen balloons flying high Remember to always reach for the sky  Sixteen crayons of vivid hue Remind you to keep that beautiful, colorful you  Sixteen cards just to say How special you are on your special day  Sixteen candles given to say Family and friends will always light your way  Sixteen bandaids big and small

To cover the booboos from life's little falls  Sixteen kisses wrapped so neat To remind you to stay so huggably sweet  Sixteen songs of years gone by To bring back memories of happy times  Sixteen earrings of silver and gold To remind you to listen to things you're told  Sixteen socks some with toes Remind you to watch your step wherever you go  Sixteen straws with ribbon tied up Remind you that sometimes you just have to suck it up  Sixteen scrapbook paper sheets

To keep those memories nice and neat  Sixteen safety pins to open quick To remind you sometimes it's only a temporary fix  Sixteen prayers to keep close to your heart When times get tough and we're apart  Sixteen simple little cars To let you know what a special aunt you are(her nephews gave these to her)  Sixteen roses, such a pretty pink To remind you of our love and of our link(I gave her the roses)  A ring with sixteen diamonds that shine You belong to the world,  but you'll always be mine.(her dad gave her the ring) 

Before her dad gave her the ring I had a friend from my office sing "Little Miss Magic" a Jimmy Buffett song that has always been her and her dad's "song".  There wasn't a dry eye in the place, including Whitney who really boo hooed, as did her dad.  

We had pizza, chips and dip and sodas. 

They danced all night.  In fact they were having so much fun, Whitney didn't want to stop to open her presents so we just took them home with us and opened them all the next day.  She said it was the best party ever and that everyone agreed.

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