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Sweet 16 Party

Princess Party 16yr - Memory Movie




Laura in Waycross, Georgia USA


July 2007



My daughter's 16th birthday was a big success.  When I first started planning the party I didn't know where to begin.  I came across this website and began reading. The next day I made a trip to the dollar store and found the cutest princess themed invitations, plates and napkins.  From there I went with it. 

We used a Princess theme and the colors were pink and white.  The back patio was decorated formally with pink and white tule and bridal lights.  Five cardtables were set up with white table clothes and chaircovers.  A pink bow was tied on the chaircovers. The centerpiece was a vase with pink stones and pink rose pedals were placed around the vase.  Two small glass cinderella slippers were placed on both sides of the vase.   

The party was scheduled for two phases.  The first phase of the party, (7:00 - 9:00) was for family and my daughter's closest friends.  My daughter made her grand entrance in her black sundress, birthday princess sash, white boa and tiara. 

Pictures were taken with friends and family.  I bought small pink boas at the dollar store for close friends to wear while posing for pictures.

After the guest mingled it was announced that the guest could enjoy refreshments. A variety of breads, sandwich meats, cheeses and sauces were provided for making sandwiches. Along with the sandwiches, guest enjoyed chicken wings, coleslaw, potato salad and chips.  Ice cold pink lemonade was served in Margaritta glasses with Sweet 16" written in pink and encircled by pink polka dots.  The margarita glasses were bought at Walmart and my daughter and I decorated them. 

After everyone enjoyed their meal the cake was cut.  I made the cake myself it was a three tier cake decorated with pink polka dots.  I used a Sweet 16 centerpiece as the topper which was a pink glittered 16 encircled by a spray of white and pink tinsel.   While everyone enjoyed their cake I started the dvd movie which was the life of my daughter divided into sections birth family friends and the last section was current pictures of her.  The movie was the highlight there were lots of ooos and ahhhhs.  Some tears and some laughs.  I made the movie myself using Windows Movie Maker.   

Family left around 9:00 and about 50 other friends came in and enjoyed a night of music kareoke and socializing. Th party ended around 12:00.  Four girls spent the night and I served pancakes and bacon for breakfast on princess plates and they drank orange juice from their Sweet 16 Margarita glasses.  More pictures were taken.  I wanted my only child to have a memorable Sweet 16 party. 

One you would see in a fairy tale and with the help of this website and suggestions from others this party will never be forgotten. I want to share my ideas so someone can use them to make their daughter feel special on their special day. Tip: I began planning three months in advance.  Enjoy.    "

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