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Sweet 16 Party

Diamond Princess Sweet 16 Party




Danielle in Hartford, CT USA


February 2007



I am planning my daughters SWEET 16 Party for this August. The theme colors are pink and silver because she wants to be a Diamond Princess." We are definately doing this on a small budget so I've been looking for party goods and services locally. 

I have rented out a local hall (walking distance from my house) for under $200! When it's time for her to come to her party we are going to "parade" down the street with our Guest of Honor leading the way.

She'll have her ballons and a banner and everything! I have family members and friends helping out with planning and my daughters uncle is in the music business and will be supplying a DJ and one of his artist to sing "Happy Birthday" to her.

He will also be working with 2 of my other daughts to perform a song they recorded with him 2years ago(that is a surprise gift from them to her) I will be doing most of the cooking myself and I have a friend who is a professional cake decorator and he has been doing cakes for me for years now. 

Another close friend of mine is a bartender so she will be mixing up "mock cosmopolotins" for the evening wich will be pink in honor of my daughters color choices.  So far my estimate on this party is about $500 (not including the hall) because we are saving so much on not having to get limo's and renting that hall for so cheap.

Also because my family and friend circle is so big I was able to save on a lot of things that they can help me with.  My daughter herself is very creative and can draw so we are working on her invitations together.

She wants her colors to be pink and silver and we have found so much over the internet and at local party stores craft stores dollar stores and wedding shoppes.  As for favors I found a lady who does candy wrappers and she was able to do Scooby Doo and the wrappers are pink with diamonds and her picture will be on them! They are only $1 each and I have to get the candy bars myself so I save once again on shipping charges. I'm thinking of getting a bunch of the chinese containers to put some more stuff in to give out after. 

I also will be putting some disposable cameras on the tables and have her guest take pictures that we will send to them as part of our thank you notes.  Dancing is a big thing with her and her friends so the DJ will be fully loaded with giveaways for those that keeping the party moving. 

My daughter will surprise her guest with a dance routine with a few of her dance partners (she's in a hip-hop dance group) and she is already getting her routine together.  My daughter is very special to me and so many of her own friends and our family. 

She is just the sunrise of the day!  I have been known for throwing an excellent party for my kids and other family members and I am so glad that I can do this on a small budget and still make it special for her. "

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