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Sweet 16 Party

On Lavender Carpet Party - Dance with Dad




Paula in Muskegon, MI United States


October 2007


Special Mention

I wanted to make my daughter's 16th birthday party an event that she would always remember so I came up with the idea of creating an academy award theme for her birthday.  Her favorite color is lavender, so instead of red carpet, her invitation invited her guests to join her as she celebrates her sweet 16 birthday On The Lavender Carpet".  Special pearlized lavender card stock paper was purchases to create her invitations that had a picture of an award trophy on it to add the academy award them. 

The venue for her party is a banquet hall on the top floor of a theatre hall in our city.  To create the academy award theme asking the guests their names and soliciting information about their outfits.  Two of my nephews will be there acting as poparatze snapping pictures of the guests and two of my neices will also be in the foyer asking the guests for their autographs as they enter the party on the lavender carpet. 

The entire foyer events will also be videoed.  As a conversation piece before the actual birthday ceremony begins prior to the birthday party various invitees of the party will be asked to put their signatures on walk of fame stars that will be in various places on the floor in the hallway as the guests exit the elevator for guests to view as they mingle in the hall prior to entering the banquet room as they partake of various hors d' overuse.  Attendees to my daughter's party will be various teachers church members school friends and friends and family members that will travel from Arizona Ohio Chicago and Detroit. 

Since I enjoy interior decorating.  I am decorating the banquet room with floral center pieces in tall/slim glass vases that are filled with lavender pearlized rocks and will hold lavender and white floral arrangements with lavender tool bows around the bottom of the floral arrangements.  Various small glass decorative vases will hold small battery operated tealight candles that will be surrounded by more lavender pearlized rocks. 

The tables with be covered with white linen tablecloths and each seat with be covered with white chair covers and will have a lavender linen dinner napkin shaped like a candle stick in front with a copy of the program for the evening (on the pearlized lavender paper)and a dinner menu place card on the same lavender pearlized paper.  The dinner will consist of salad stuffed chicken and prime rib glazed baby carrots mashed potates rolls punch coffee and tea.  Their will be a gift table cake table and various lighted plants around the room. 

My sister will be the mistress of ceremony for the birthday program and will announce the beginning of my daughters birthday celebration.  As the plated dinner for 100 people is served one of my step-daughter's will begin the program with a small speach on the significance of turning age 16 and my daughter's right of passage into adulthood and will talk about the things that my daughter has done to understand her right of passage into adulthood.  The flow of tropical scented fog with soothing message therapy music will begin my daughter's entrance into the banquet room as she is carried into the party by three of her male cousins and one of their good friends all wearing white dickie pants white dress shirts and levander dress vests. 

My daughter will wear a sweet 16 tiara a white flowing gown and lavender strappy sandle shoes.  My daughter will be carried to her escort who will be dressed in a white suite with a lavender vest as well.  Her escort will take her to the dance floor to dance with her father to Luther Vandross' "Dance with My Father" song.  After my daughter dances with her father.  She and her escort will be seated at the head table and my sister will begin mc'ing the rest of the program. 

My sister will mc my daughters "Steps in Time" slide show presentation and announce various milestones in my daughter life that will show pictures of my daughter from the date that she was born a picture of her when she began to walk her first day of school when she lost her firt tooth when she learned to ride a bike when she had her tonsils removed and up to when she was recently nominated to represent her junior class last month.  My sister will also mc my daughter's "School House" presentation wich will show pictures of my daughter from first to eleventh grades announcing each grade and the school and the city of the school that she attended. 

After the school house presentation will be the awards presentation.  The categories will be most influential teacher the teacher that provided the most structure and disciopline for my daughter a big brother award (the guy that treats her like a little sister) a double trouble award (her friend that she spends the most time  with and a twin award (which is the person that behaves as my daughter does the most) will be given.  Trophies have been purchased with the award recipients names already on the trophies along with my daughter's birthday event name and date.   

After the award presentation another stepdaughter will serenade the "Happy Birthday" song to my daughter who I have given authorization to put her own personal touch to my daughter's birthday song.  My daughter will blow out the one candle on her three tiered white cake decorated with lavender flowers lavender ribbons and white illuminated glass vases filled with pearlized lavender rocks and the birthday cake will be served.  My daughter with be presented with her own engraved King James and NIV bibles. 

After which my stepdaughter will sing another song while my daughter changes into a cocktail lavender dress.  After my daughter has returned to the banguet room she will stand before her guests and give remarks and then she and her escort will dance together to begin the after party.  Phase two of my daughters party will be the entrance of more of my daugher's other friends from four high shools including the high school that she attends. My three neices two photographers and the videographer will go back to the foyer to greet the other guests (highschool) and they enter the after party to include interviewing them regarding their outfits snapping their pictures and asking for their autographs before they enter the banquet room to dance for the night where a second hors d' overuse table will be set up for them to eat until the party is over. 

The curtain in the banquet room will be drawn to reveal a long windowed wall that overlooks the downtown city and the highschoolers can dance the night away overlooking the city.  Each guest will be given a lavender bag as they leave the party that will contain a bookmark (with the number 16 on it) little baskets covered in lavender tool with various candies in them and a personalized thank you scroll from my daughter thanking her guests for sharing in her 16th birthday party celebration.  I hope that I will have succeeded in giving my daughter the "social butterfly" and she is affectionately known with her warm infectous personality a truly Sweet 16 On The Lavender carpet birthday celebration that she will always remember. "

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